Season 11 Episode 7

Surprise Enemy Visit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Judd still gloating over Margaret's leave of the show. However Judd's constant gloating does not go over well with everyone. Jamie reveals that he plans to keep Judd on merely as a shield but that Judd constantly gets on people's nerves with his attitude and this will

only help him.

Meanwhile Gary, Amy and Danni start discussing strategy in case they have to go to tribal council. In the reward challenge, the teams must literally tie themselves one by one to a Mayan pole and then release themselves in order to win. The reward this time is a pack of chocolate. In a very, very close reace Yaxha wins the challenge despite being behind. Nakum gets nothing. However Yaxha must ride a jungle zipline to get it. In extravagant fashion, resembling amusement ride, each member flies down and collects their reward with plenty leftover. In an act of goodwill, Yaxha decides to invite Nakum to a "pool party" with their protected cage against alligators. Jamie and Cindy do not like this invitation seeing as this is a game where no friendship should blur judgement, however the rest of the tribe, Lydia, Stephanie and Judd don't object. The pool party goes well and there is no hostility among the tribles However inutes later Jamie sort of dampers the party saying "it's time to leave." This doesn't o well with Stephanie who says Jamie as a bit of a loose cannon like Judd. amie even blurts out that if the tribe doesn't like this they should just vote him out. However, it never comes to immunity challenge shows.

The challenge this time is another Survivor game of puzzle solving entitled "Tomb Raider". This time each time must get the pieces and put them together to form a Mayan calendar. Nakum like in previous challenge takes the lead, Yaxha makes a furious comeback but in the end, Nakum gets the win. Amy, Gary and Danni talk strategy but it's previous that one of them will go home. Amy being perhaps the most weak member in terms of physicality (still nursing an injury from last episode) tries her best to convince Danni and Gary to vote out Bobby Jon. Danni shows an unwillingness to go along with this because she likes Bobby Jon. Both Danni , Gary and now Brandon contemplate about who really deserves to go all the way. In the end however, not surprisingly, Amy O'Hara gets voted giving the rock on symbol with her hands as she leaves. Just when we think the episode is over though Jeff Probst comes out with another shocker, the tribes will now merge together to become one. This should present new strategies and probably will lead to more confrontations.