Season 11 Episode 7

Surprise Enemy Visit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great episode!

    So a cross-tribal pool party isn't something you see very often! It is Danni's birthday, and I think she played her cards perfectly. It was the prfect social move, and could help her make friends with members of the Nakum tribe, which she will need, as Yaxha is down in numbers!

    The first challenge was quite weird! Really challenging with the ropes or fabric or whatteever it is, but it was also quite fun to watch all the commotion! The Immunity Challenge was better though! The puzzle search and then completing the giant Maya calendar was great! There was an element of luck, too, as you might acciddentally find the pieces of the other tribe, but it was a great challenge! I really enjoyed it!

    Amy tried to get both Danni and Gary to vote for Bobby Jon, which was her last ditch effort to save herself. I wll truly miss her, and Amy had a great personality! She was so much fun to watch, and definitely will be someone who I will miss!

    I am excited to see how the game develops next!!! Jeff revealed a merge, so next week will definitely be very exciting! Can't wait!!!
  • Bye Amy.

    I liked this episode. Danni was really smart when she invited the other tribe to a pool party. Stephanie and her started to bond. I really hated Jamie attitude. He doesn't understand that he will have to be around those guys?! It's pretty dumb to create friction before the merge! That will get you into trouble!

    Judd, like I said, needs to go. He's the most rude and mean person in Survivor. He will eventually screw himself. Can't wait to see that!
    One thing I was surprised about this episode was Cindy. I don't know where she stands. I always thought she was with her old tribe, but now I'm not so sure.
    Lydia is so annoying. Just her presence. Hope she gets kicked off soon. Can't wait to see what happens in the merge!
  • Didn't like Danni as first but she has since grown on me!

    I didn't like Danni at first. Because I thought she as a Miss Know It all. But now she has grown on me. I think she has a positive attitude. As well as was very nice and thoughtful to invite the opposing team and nemesis over for chocolate and to swim in the crocidile proof pool. Despite Jamie's sour attitude.
  • This season's getting better.

    Last Week's episode I thought was a bad sign. It had been a double elimination and took one of the more interesting players out of the game.
    This week, however, the show started to do what it does best. It started to mix up the pot.
    Danni goes to invite the other team over for her birthday. It was a pretty smart move on her part. She creates goodwill for herself and gets the opportunity to spy on her enemy. The challenges were ok, but the real attraction to the show has always been the dynamic and interaction of the players. When Jamie pooh poohs the party, it signals troubled waters to come, and troubled waters are way past due.
  • another great show

    this show keeps me on my toes every week. wating to find out whos net to go. i'm hopeing steph wins. she needs it. she works hard, and she well liked. at least buy me anyway. i think it should be her, i mean look at what she went though last season, and know she's back. that's stronged willed.