Season 11 Episode 7

Surprise Enemy Visit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great episode!

    So a cross-tribal pool party isn't something you see very often! It is Danni's birthday, and I think she played her cards perfectly. It was the prfect social move, and could help her make friends with members of the Nakum tribe, which she will need, as Yaxha is down in numbers!

    The first challenge was quite weird! Really challenging with the ropes or fabric or whatteever it is, but it was also quite fun to watch all the commotion! The Immunity Challenge was better though! The puzzle search and then completing the giant Maya calendar was great! There was an element of luck, too, as you might acciddentally find the pieces of the other tribe, but it was a great challenge! I really enjoyed it!

    Amy tried to get both Danni and Gary to vote for Bobby Jon, which was her last ditch effort to save herself. I wll truly miss her, and Amy had a great personality! She was so much fun to watch, and definitely will be someone who I will miss!

    I am excited to see how the game develops next!!! Jeff revealed a merge, so next week will definitely be very exciting! Can't wait!!!
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