Season 23 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on CBS
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On Savaii, Jim sees that Ozzy and Elyse are spending too much time together and knows that a couple is dangerous. So he approaches Cochran for a plan to get rid of Elyse to which Cochran jumps on board. The next morning on Upolu, Brandon regrets losing his cool in front of his tribe and goes around apologizing to his tribe mates. He also tells Edna that she is not part of the tribe's main five personalliance and could be next. Edna later tries to beef up her social game, but starts annoying all the women on the tribe. Back on Savaii, before Jim leaves to witness the Redemption duel, Ozzy mocks him, telling the others he is thinking too much about strategy. Before the Immunity/Reward Challenge, Jim and Cochran don't think they have the numbers in order to vote out Elyse but find out that Dawn is interested. But their plan will have to wait when they win the Immunity Challenge. Upolu return to their beach after the challenge and Stacey is confident she performed well, but is still on the outside of the five person alliance.

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  • The tribes seem to agree that one person on each tribe is causing problems for all. On Upolu it's Edna, on Savaii it's Elyse. Despite performing well in a losing effort in the Immunity Challenge, Stacey soon finds herself on the chopping block.moreless

    There were really no surprises here. In the previous episodes Stacey never connected with anybody on Upolu. She never smiled and always looked like she did not want to be there. I knew her time with her tribe would be short, but she may very well prove to be a formidable opponent for Christine at the next Redemption Island duel. Coach appears to be playing his best game yet. The scene where he tells Brandon to get a hold of himself was Coach at his finest. Very similar to when Ozzy helped Dawn pull herself together in the season opener. Ozzy and Coach are playing almost the exact same game this time around. They could not be more different from Russell and Rob in the previous edition of the game. This season has not been a great one so far, but it has its moments.moreless
  • Interesting episode, although I didn't particularly agree with the ending. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

    This was another interesting instalment of Survivor, although I would really love to see someone pull off a big move sooner for laters, as it is getting quite boring to see the typical outsiders being voted off. Nothing unexpected has happened thus far.


    So today, my least favourite castaway, Jim, comes up with some scheme to get rid of Elyse. I suppose it would be good if this were to happen, as it would prolong Dawn's time in the game, as she is just about the only one I like on that tribe. Well, her and Whitney.


    Brandon's gameplay is just hilarious to watch, because it is just so bad. He is constantly failing to dio "good", and whenever he has tried to do "bad", he is just plain awful at it, when compared to his uncle Russell. He is also exceptionally paranoid, as seen today.

    That said, I still do like every single person on this tribe, and it was disappointing to see them go down today.

    Well done to Dawn for leading Savaii to victory - I hope you stay around!

    I thought s Stacey shouldn't go home because of a phenomenal effort at the challenge, but the Tribal Countcil was just as obvious as all other Tribal Councils this season, as the outlier is ousted.

    Meanwhile, I was thrilled to see Christine win on Redemption Island, as I preferred her over Papa Bear. Next week's matchup should be highly interesting with Christine vs. Stacey! I can't wait!

    All up, very interesting episode - but I want more action, and more big moves soon, otherwise this season will get boring fast.

    Let's hope it picks up its game next wek. Can't wait!moreless
  • Upolu are a joke...If Coach thinks he can win, he better think again...

    It's really annoying when Russell's name is being mentioned and you see not one member of Upolu looking for an idol...Not even his naphew...Nor Stacy...Funny how everyone is in denial, when you have nothing to loose it's time for desperate measures...At the very least I was expecting Stacy to do the same as Papa Bear did...I am sure Savaii will not get rid of Ozzy, and in the merge, Upolu is gonna get nocked off really fast...Maybe one of them-Brandon-might win immunity once or twice but he won't be able to do anything to prevent their demise...Thumbs up for Christine who won both challenges...She will be another problem for Upolu at the merge if she maanges to win all...And for Brandon, who didn't even got voted...I was expecting at least a couple against him...But who knows maybe he will play better from now on...Don't expect any major changes until the merge, then the game will become interesting.moreless

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