Season 3 Episode 16

Survivor: Africa - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2002 on CBS

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  • Go Ethan. My first time I went to the reunion show right after soccer practice at age 12 wearing my soccer uniform at the airport.

    Congratz to Ethan. He's an honest and very adorable guy. Those cute little Jerri curls satisfy me. I thought that at first Lex was going to win for he was a dominator. Kim j's torch got snuffed. Ethan truly deserved the win. The place in the finale room was just crowded. Bryant Gumbel asked great questions and I kind of really was relieved. Although I didn't really want Silas to leave. Ethan played a great game but I actually thought that Lex did sort of a little better. Kim J made a mistake of voting for Lex, but Ethan won. Honest guys finish first.
  • Glad that Ethan won!

    I don't know why people didn't like Kim as I
    Liked her very much! IMO, she and Ethan were the
    Only two normal ones out there as both of them
    Had an alliance as well as shared a friendship together all
    Because they were two honest and good people. Glad that they were in the final two. Kim knew she wouldn't win against Lex or Ethan!
    But glad she choosed the well-liked Ethan over the snake Lex!