Season 26 Episode 15

Survivor Caramoan - Reunion Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Sad ending when final 3 are all unvotable pople. Best of the lame and worst won:|

    I know some people will praise Cochran and say how he deserved to win and all that bla bla bla.

    But when I see the quality of the players who were on this season and ended by eliminated so Cochran and Dawn can be there, that's just sad.

    Cochran wins and Russell looses.

    Can we seriously compare them skill wise?

    I would have been okay with say Phillip or Malcolm becoming Lead Survivor but Cochran even with his winning 4 challenges-btw because he was fighting with low prepared players, not because he was a good.

    I want skilled players to win not those that avoid the radar.

    Really annoying to see in Survivor not the best one wins but the worst.

    In my opinion I think we should have a superstar season to every 4 seasons of Survivor.

    Then we can see how Cochran will win against Russell or Rob or Phillip or Coach or Colton.

    They're gonna blow him up.

    Don't understand how some people only care for watching season with new people.

    Seriously? Aren't you tired of bad plots?

    When Russell got eliminated his team lost it quite fast and easy.

    With Russell leading they would have destroyed Rob.

    I don't care about players but of skill, about well thought plans and surprising moves.

    I want to see someone say : Final 4, if i don't take the favorite out I'll loose.

    Not to be comfortable for final 3.

    Still haven't recovered from seeing Russell using the idol so smartly that he got both Rob and Tyson out with 1 vote.