Season 26 Episode 15

Survivor Caramoan - Reunion Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Waste of space reunion.

    What in the name of earth was up with the pre-jurors beind forced to sit in the audience as though they were just some side show going on by the side for a few episodes.

    I thought Corinne deserved half the screentime of the reunion - along with Phillip, Andrea, Brenda and Malcolm - but they just ignored them to talk to the annoying duo that I can't stand. Like Andrea got two words in the whole reunion and Corinne showed a fake smile.

    The Cochran/Dawn pair is just making me gag. The way Dawn celebrated Cochran winning the last Immunity Challenge was despicable. Clearly she wasn't there to actually try to win. She was just there to aid and abet somebody else.

    The reunion itself was deplorable. They just ignored and completely disrespected half of the people in the game which I found repulsive on behalf of the producers.

    They didn't even give a proper introduction to next season which was the only reason I had continued watching to be honest.

    Only thing I liked about it was seeing Brenda and what's up wit h her! All the best to her!
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