Season 26 Episode 15

Survivor Caramoan - Reunion Show

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Cochran deserves it. Comparing him with Russell?

    Derbest: From the beginning this game was more than just brawn. Malcolm's timing was rotten. To split from Stealth-R-Us that early and hook up with Corrine and the Amigos was a terrible decision that spelled his faith, even though he found so many idols. Cochran didn't play under the radar: he was very active in all of the major moves in this game; from blindsiding Corrine, Andrea and Brenda to winning quite a few immunities. The guy played an all-round game. Much like Earl when he won his season. Malcolm found idols and formed terrible alliances and I'm not speaking from only hindsight here. Why jump with Corrine and friends when he was already on the numbers side. He could've attacked Stealth from the inside instead of marking himself as the enemy that early. When Phillip told his group to vote as they had planned after Malcolm and his amigos pulled out their idols, Malcolm was screwed and he knew it. Had Phillip not said that I believe Malcolm did not intend to play his idol then. From that point if he couldn't find the other idol he knew he was screwed. He did not deserve to win. Cochran was a step ahead of him all the way. I was surprised Cochran chose Dawn rather than take Eddie to the finals. Sherri was a definite since she didn't do squat and everyone knew it. Don't think she had much choice. The longer she waited to make a move the more she realized if she didn't she'd be dragged to the end.

    I do think they should include all the players. I do like to hear from all the players although I could understand Brandon's omission. Is it true the preview for next season is about "blood being thicker than water," pointing to an all Hantz survivor season?
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