Season 15 Episode 15

Survivor: China - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great Season and dumb moves

    James is a stud. Sexy Man of the Week and 100,000 dollars again back to back seasons. Wow, he made the dumbest move in China. I don't blame him. Congratz to Todd, if Amanda was honest about her lying like Todd, she would've won. However I was laughing when JR was shut up by Todd. Strategy was important I got to say. Amanda made a good move however she was so doe-eyed placing all the blame on Todd. Courtney did work to get to where she was at though riding on Coattails. Denise not flipping over wasn't very smart. If she did then it would've stirred the pot. Great Season and I loved it.
  • Everybody is back and talking about stuff gone by!

    If there is one thing this reunion is going to be remembered for some time, it'll be Denise's story about her losing her cafeteria job as a result of her doing the show. It was revealed within days that she grossly overexaggerated what had transpired and this reviewer suspects that Denise probably wishes she had kept her mouth closed throughout the reunion.

    Other than that, the usual congrats to the winner (Todd) and probing maybe the dumbest move in Survivor history (James going home with two unused Immunity idols) by Jeff. Courtney seemed just as flaky at the reunion as she did during the season which is consistent, if nothing else.

    A reunion show that, all in all, was much more controversial and emotional than any in recent memory.
  • Review

    Solid Reunion show, with a lot of our questions being answered. The main one being "Who is the winner of the million dollar prize" which turned out to be Todd. I think Todd played a great game with only a couple of flaws that stodd out to me. In the end I would have given him my vote at the final Tribal Council as well. Excited to learn about the new season of survivor. I think that should be interesting to watch. The show didnt do anything new this year other then the kidnapping thing in termsof gameplay, and the hidden immunity idol clues, but this next one looks like it should be really fun to watch. I hope the survivors they choose are decent this time around. I know Courtney is going to be there, which slightly confuses me.