Season 13 Episode 16

Survivor: Cook Islands - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • OK reunion.

    This review's just for the reunion show. It was all right, a bit to o much talking about the race concept.

    The best line was "there's no villain in Monopoly". That made it all worthwhile.

    As far as reunions go, it was OK. Parvati's model boxing was quite hilarious too.

    The Cook Islands has been good - a little anticlimactic though.
  • The 20 castaways get together one last time for a tell-all.

    Immediately after the final vote is announced in front of a live audience back in the United States studio, in which Yul beat out Ozzy 5-4 for the title of Sole Survivor, the other castways appear for a reunion.
    The reunion itself was not very exciting due to a lack of new details about the characters. It was interesting though just to see the other castaways again.
    Sekou performed a horrible song he wrote about Survivor, which the producers really should have screened out.
    We saw a freshly shaven Jonathan who explained once again why he acted the way he did on the show.
    JP revealed that he had been contacted for a modelling job.
    And Ozzy won the online voting for Survivor and won a car. A good car but still just a car (if you ask me, the show producers gave it to him as a compensation prize, the voting was so close!)
  • The conclusion to another great season!

    Wow! So, Yul won! Congratulations to him. I'm very happy that Ozzy did not win. Ozzy was a great physical player, but I don't think that he had much of a strategic game other than to just do his best to win the challenges.

    Yul deserved to win because he really was the puppet master of the season. He may not have dominated the challenges as many expected him to, but he was able to read his tribemates very well and, with that, he was able to pull everyone's strings.
  • I stuck with the show and my favorite contestant won!

    I was thrilled Yul Kwon won Survivor: Cook Islands. He was the reason I watched, stuck with it and thought this thirteenth season was stellar. So many times I have watched the show and was surprised by the end result. I guess, in a jist, one would have tobe on the island to really know the score. From what I saw as a vierwer this time around, Yul indeed Outwitted, Outlasted and Outplayed the competition and I applauded his character as a person. In this episode, it was also refreshing to see the contestants out of their element and dressed up, as it were. Sundrah and Becky looked amazing. Loved the show this season and can't wait for Survivor: Fiji.
  • The finale of the Cook Island season, we find out who wins!! And how the whole race experiment worked out. I loved it!!

    This episode shows us the votes for the final three (a great twist i think, thats one of the great things about this show, even after 13 seasons they can come up with new, interesting and refreshing twists and very rarely does it get boring or repetitive). Becky recieved no votes, which really did not surprise me at all. Although i think she probably deserved some more recognition, nobody saw her behind the scenes work, but Yul did do most of the actual negotiating so he therefore got the credit. Also, the performance with the fire making tie breaker with Sundra and Becky definetely worked against her and probably made a lot of people lose respect for her. I always thought it would be close between Yul and Ozzy, but the 5-4 was a bit surprising. Survivor, although the fact that being physical can help, is much more a game about strategy and therefore Yul definetely ruled in that respect. Ozzy was a bit too laid back and didn't seem to actively participate, just kinda went with the flow. But he was an extremely strong competitor, that guy just knew how to do everything!! The best food providor i have ever seen on survivor and could climb a tree like a monkey. And his altheticism and agility were amazing.

    So all in all a good result i think. But how would it have gone down if Yul had not found the idol, right back at the start. Probably very very different, but we will never know!!

    The reunion part, as always, was good fun. Confronting people about things that happened, prying into relationships, seeing how people are coping since coming back is always good, and one of the things that survivor has over some other reality shows i think. billy somewhat redeemed himself. the possible couples parvati and nate, adam and candice, as usual, are now just friends. there was not that much bitterness this time, and some interesting views on the initial division of the tribes along racial lines.

    so, overall a great season, especially considering it is the shows 13th. so, looking forward to no 14 in fiji. looks like some more fun, interesting twists. the luxury/poor conditions separation could be great!!
  • Cook Island finale

    Well Yul wins the million as Ozzy wins the car
    But glad that they rewarded him the car AFTER the Show and didn't get into the car curse thing and
    It shows people's feelings. Adam & Candice are no longer dating a'la Amber.
    Can't wait at all to see Fiji. It will have a lot of twists and turns on there.
  • Reunion show and feedback on how people felt.

    Yul wins the 1,000,000 and Ozzy wins the 2008 Mercury Mariner by 1% of the online votes. Sekou writes a song about Survivor, what is up with folks doing this? He is the third person to do this. Yul is the first Asian -American to win which is awesome. I'm hoping this will continue a trend where we see a diverse tribe in future episodes. Adamn and Candace pretty much leave their romance on the beach. Caoboe says he enjoyed the experience. Jonathan says he was simply playing the game, and does not want to be seen as a villian. Even Jeff Probst seems to really enjoy all the twists and turns of the new season.

    The way Fiji was described I'm really looking forward to the next installment. Seems things will be worse on Exhile Island next installment and there will be other surprises.
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