Season 11 Episode 15

Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great season and great trunion!

    iThis was a great reunion show, with some funny wmoments!!! I have to say that both Stephenie and Danni looked awesome, and as Jeff pointed out that Amy looked great stoo. Even Brooke looked great.

    but obviously they are gonna look much better with make-up as opposed to 39 days in the jungle, lol!

    Some funny moments, such as Bobby Jon and Jamie. I loved how Cindy wants to go back in live in the jungle!

    I have to say - great season! Two deserving women in the finale! And I can't wait to watch some more Survivor!!!
  • One of the best seasons ever.

    I have to admit, Guatemala was one of my fave Survivor seasons. It was just so good. The cast was good. We had Judd the villian and the other heroes, like Gary, who found the hidden immunity idol, that was a good twist. The Bobby Jon and Jamie conflict was awesome! I loved every minute of it. Too bad this seasons over. It was just so good.
  • i love steph

    i wish that steph won instead of danni. steph worked so hard and i felt so bad for her during the last immunity challenge. i wish that they had kept lydia and taken her to the final three because lydia would have lost than steph and rafe would go togethor and hopefully steph would have won. can't wait til next season
  • It was good but not great

    I am a big fan of survivor. This year was another good year. I feel the reunion should be longer than 1 hour. You don\'t get to hear from most on the survivors. I did not want Danni to win so I was disappointed with the outcome but overall, it was great
  • Need more than an hour

    Congrats to Danni for winning the title of Survivor this season.
    I am glad now that BJ & Jamie are now friends.
    Gary finding the immunity idol was just awesome.
    Judd was a total jerk also at the reunion show.
    That goes to show you that you aren't a jerk not just on the show. But in real life.
    You lied as much as Stephenie did.
    But you made her look like a girl scout.
    Wished Brandon had that cool fedora on the show.
    Loved it on him.
  • DID lie!

    The reunion show is always fun to watch! I love seeing the Survivors all dressed up, with new haircuts, clean clothes, make-up, etc.
    This reunion show did not disappoint. Jeff made the rounds talking to each Survivor. He seemed to really enjoy this group of people. He complimented many of them, including Brian and Brandon on how they played the game.

    Some highlights:
    The flashbacks of Bobby Jon and Jamie arguing. Of course they are friends now and I just loved Jamie hugging BJ. They act like brothers now.
    The never before seen footage of Gary finding the idol. His thumbs-up was so cute. I had been wondering how he found it.
    Jeff telling Judd that he HAD lied.
    Amy and her "Golden Boy with the golden hair!" comment. I can't get the Golden Boy thing out of my I call on of the kids in my class Golden Boy. :)
    Jamie admitting that he HAD gone a little loco out there.
    Flashback to Gary's football career.
    Blake's comment about his girlfriend's dad calling him and saying he couldn't believe Blake had been kicked off because of his daughter's boobs.
    The only thing that could've made the reunion better would be if it had lasted longer. I never feel like I hear enough from each Survivor. I wish some of them had more airtime and I wish Jeff had delved more into some topics (like how hypocritical Judd was for being mad that he got blindsided even though he had just made a speech about "Sucking it up" when you get voted off).
    Oh well...I'm sad it's over!