Season 20 Episode 10

Survivor History

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • I absolutely cannot believe this episode! (Spoilers!!!)

    This was one of the greatest episodes I have seen, in my short period as a Survivor viewer. I thought Parvati was quite smart in keeping the idol to herself, and I'm sort of glad some one in Russell's alliance is finally doing something other than riding on his coattails.

    Both the challenges were quite amazing, and I cannot believe the Heroes' stupidity in handing Ruseell Hantz an Immunity Idol on top of a silver platter. That was hilarious, and until now, I cannot stop laughing! Amazing!

    The Tribal Countil was also quite interesting and I was delighted at Courtney's elimination, as she ws the last person left that I didn't like at all. Sayonara!

    A great episode, which I would recommend very highly. Just sensational, in my opinion!
  • The Heroes do something good and something bad in this episode. The good thing is they win immunity once again and even the playing field. The bad thing is an act of utter stupidity that all but guarantees Russell a victory.

    Read this review in total privacy. Without a doubt the best part of this episode is when Russell and Parvati read that stupid letter JT wrote to Russell. I was laughing along with them as they read it. Pure cornball. What could possibly be going on in JT's mind? Why he feels the need to help the opposing tribe is one of the greatest mysteries ever in the history of "Survivor." What's even more mysterious is that he feels proud of himself for doing it! He won't be so proud when Russell wins the $1 million. On to the merger!
  • Heroes may doom their own tribe.

    Good news is that the Heroes for them, they won back the immunity. But here is the bad news, is that JT may have doomed his own tribe. And think that it is the women that are running the show. But it isn't. As Parvati and Russell are really and charge. JT writes a letter and gives the idol to Russell. You never give an enemy the idol. Or something as you should have learned JT. Sandra has been wanting to get rid of Russell since day 1. And the merge is coming up. Jerri, Sandra, and Courtney all feel vulnerable. But it is Courtney that gets the ax, second to go after Coach to the jury.
  • Average episode...Wrong person voted off.

    I must say I was appreciating Courtney for what she said in the last Tribal Council...She proved a Survivor...I was sad to see her go,would have prefered Sandra...I can't say anything good about her...Well everyone seems to think what J.T. did was a dumb move. I don't think so, simply because he lowered the heat on himself by giving it away and attracted some Heroes members with him to sustain... As for Russ he seems a bit outplayed right now but I have faith...He won't go easy which is what i care about..Parvati should go next but i doubt she will... She seems charming to a lot of people but I saw nothing like it...just someone boring who knows she is this way.
  • Probably the new dumbest move in Survivor History, as the title states. Also, what if Courtney or Sandra had found the Idol? And how selfish and ungrateful is Parvati? Or is she just really clever?

    So in the last episode Russell knew Coach was going, but voted for Courtney, and signed his name, so that Coach knew he stuck with him. He was trying to buy Coach's vote on the jury. Yeah, Sandra sort of played him, but it was ultimately irrelevant. Russell was still in control and knew exactly what the votes would be; Courtney and Sandra did not. They aren't in control, Russell's alliance is.
    As soon as Rupert said he thought there was an all-girls alliance, you just KNEW Russell would want to play into that, getting rid of Coach. It's brilliant.
    So in this episode Russell again plays it up like he'd be going, first at the Reward Challenge, whispering and gesturing to JT, and then verbally at the Immunity Challenge where he and Colby have a moment alone on the platforms. Just epic! We need a summary of this brilliat madness, but before that, let it be known that the online extra scenes imply that Colby first asked Russell who would be going home, and then confirmed it (which we saw on TV). So they were a bit cautious, but Russell, being the mastermind that he is, played into it perfectly. Let's summarize what was seen:

    [Russell and Colby alone on the platforms during the Reward Challenge]
    "Hey Russell. You going home tonight?"
    "Mm, hmm."
    "Listen... when the challenge is over... you go to JT. Okay? He's going to give you something. Okay? Use it tonight. Protect yourself... get rid of one of them. You come on board with us. Okay?"
    "Who should I get rid of?" "Parvati. Okay?" "She's running the show."
    "Good. Get rid of her a**."
    "Hey, uhh, I wish I could shake your hand. I'll do it later."
    "We'll have plenty of time for that."

    Epic. Simply epic.

    And then the moment of truth at the beach.
    Colby distracts Jerri with a kiss-on-the-cheek (revealed online). The girls hug each other. And Russell heads straight to JT. JT has the Idol in one shoe, and quickly gives it to Russell (along with hilarious detailed instructions on exactly what to do with it) who shoves it into his pocket.

    I think Russell may have made a mistake revealing to Parvati, Danielle and Jerri that he has another Idol. It does show more trust, and as he's said before you need to trust some people in order to go far or else you'll need Immunity every time. However, Parvati made a smart move in telling only Danielle. She's looking ahead in the game of a way to blindside Russell if she wants, or at least use the Idol to manipulate Danielle over to her side. All-in-all some amazing gameplay by the King and Queen.

    I stick with my original prediction that the Final Three will be Russell, Parvati and Danielle, with Russell narrowly beating out Parvati. Now they BOTH have Idols, and, according to the online secret scenes, Russell has a plan to make it seem like both were used last night, and thus Courtney went home as the number 2 villain. In an online scene, JT said he'd be happy if someone other than Parvati were voted out, because it would imply she used her Idol right after Russell played his Idol to save herself. And thus both idols would be out of play, when REALLY the two biggest powerplayers each have one! MY GOD! Russell's also planning on telling the Heroes that Sandra is a complete liar who's peeved at him now for voting out Courtney because she was Sandra's biggest ally (which is true and thus a safe, brilliant move) and so no one should trust her because she's the biggest deceiver of all the women. Furthermore, he'll get the girls (Danielle, Parvati and Jerri) to shadow Sandra, and reinforce that story. Oh my what a tangled web they weave.

    Keeping Courtney would have been a HUGE move on Parvati's behalf, because her and Amanda have ties with Courtney, so that would have been another ace in the hole. However, I'm sure Danielle and Russell (and Jerri) felt threatened by it, and wanted her out because she's (they think) more devious and crafty that Sandra (who only has ties to Rupert).

    Here's some food for thought:
    Imagine if Courtney or Sandra had found the clue and the Idol. They could have 100% blindsided Russell (or Parvati or Danielle) without anyone knowing it. It's like this game is fated to be Russell vs. Parvati vs. Danielle for the million dollars. There will be a Final Three, I'm guessing, because that'd make 9 jury members. But maybe they'll do only their second ever even-numbered jury (like the 8 in Micronesia when they didn't want a legit Final Three of Amanda, Parvati and Cirie [wow, what a Final Three, eh?]), though I doubt it, for it risks eliminating Parvati or Russell and giving the million to the other over Danielle, since, let's face it, she doesn't seem like she can win it for some reason I cannot put my finger on...

    Right now in a hyopthetical Final Two/Three with Russell, Parvati and Danielle, it would be 1 vote Russell (Coach) and 1 vote Parvati (Courtney).

    The Heroes have no clue what's coming.

    I cannot wait to see if Sandra can get through to Rupert and the Heroes, and how Russell spins voting out Courtney and not Parvati.
    Also whether or not Amanda will be privy to any of this secret information or not.
    And WHO of the Heroes will be first to go... can you imagine JT's look if it's him?!?!