Season 21 Episode 16

Survivor: Nicaragua Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2010 on CBS

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  • I enjoyed the bit about NaOnka being under pressure to keep her job after her run on 'Survivor: Nicaragua'.

    Thi swas a good ending to this pretty low quality season. I enjoyed some of the intereviews with the contestants, such tas the one with Jimmy HJohnson, when we discvered that in a way, 'Survivor' saved his life.

    I thought it was nice to see Russell Hantz sitting in the crowd. I really would love to hear his opinions of the 'big moves' made in this season, because even though Russell was not likeable, at least he knew what he was doing most of the time (except with taking Sandra to the F3).

    NaOnka's little segmaent was also enjoyable. I can't believe parents at her school atre calling for her to be fired! Honestly, this season would've been total rubbish without NaOnka, who was ... 'something else'. NaOnka's mum was very funny, and I enjoyed that einterview as well!

    I hope the netxt season is better than thi s one. Congrats to Fabio, who was enjoyable and fairly likeable!
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