Season 10 Episode 15

Survivor: Palau - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • Nice Wrap Up

    In terms of reunion shows, they can be hit or miss and sadly they often miss the point of what is going on. While most of the bad reunion shows are much later, we don't have to worry about them much now in the earlier seasons of Survivor. It seemed that nearly all of the players got some sort of airtime, which is pretty good and nice for them. We even saw Jonathan and Wanda, which was pretty good given the dumb way they left in the premiere. Everyone was good natured and there weren't any moments that made me cringe and wonder why such a dumb thing would happen. I forget where I rank this among reunion shows, but it is definitely high up there.
  • Interesting enough.

    Reunion shows are almost always the least exciting episode of the season, but nonetheless it is nice to catch up with the contestants. In this one we get an interesting segment on Stephenie, as well as interesting catch-ups with some other.

    Shame that people like Jenn didn't gaet much air time in this reunion ifinale.

    I did - however- really enjoy Coby revealing that he has a child now, and that he named it Janu - what a great thing to do! A remarkable gift! I think Janu was really taken aback and simply speechless!

    The was the highlight of the reunion for sure!

    I hope Guatemala is going to be good! Bring it on!