Season 19 Episode 16

Survivor: Samoa - The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • Galu got beat by arrogance and overconfidence!

    Galu looked like they were about to dominate as well as take it in. But it was their own arrogance and overconfident that did them in. And IMHO, had not they gotten rid of Erik, they would had won it all. But getting rid of Erik proved to be the beginning of their downfall. As this season was the Russell H show. As the producers loved him and wanted to audience to love to hate him. Most of the Galu tribe seemed invisible at first. But then seeing their own arrogance and overconfident, maybe it was meant to be that way. So glad that Natalie won. Because she layed low under the radar after Russell took out two strong women. Only to have it bite him in the rear. Can't wait for Heroes vs Villians. Wouldn't be surprising if he was on the Villians side. Great season on Season 19!
  • I enjoyed this, but it wasn't a necessary episode, I guess.

    This reunion episode was not essential for the show, but I do think that it added a nice touch to finish off. I absolutely loved it when Russell offered Natalie money for the title of Sole Survivor, and I'm proud of her for turning him down.

    I did enjoy taking a closer look at the contestants and the whole season and I thought that there were some really interesting aspects to the episode, but overall, I do have to comment that it was not necessary. However, having it live was a good move, in my opinion.

    Overall, I wouldn't recommend this episode to anyone other than a hard-core Survivor fan. Still, it was interesting at times!