Season 25 Episode 1

Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2012 on CBS
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Contestants are divided into three tribes and meet the returning players. The Matsing tribe arrive on their beach and right away, Russell states he doesn't want to be the leader but still gives order to his tribemates. The tribe quickly get fire and water and Malcolm decides to let Russell have his way around camp...for now. Over on Kalabaw, Jeff fears he may have injured his knee, but doesn't want anyone to know. Behind his back, the tribe discuss how Jonathan should be the first to go since he is a returnee. Tandang arrive at their beach and RC and Abi click right away and start thinking about an alliance with Peter and Michael.

Back on Kalabaw, Dawson knows that Jeff is really a former professional baseball player. Meanwhile on Tandang, RC doesn't trust Lisa and Michael knows who she really is, but doesn't tell the others. On Matsing, Zane puts himself in an alliance with everyone the tribe and when Malcolm reveals this to Denise, they create a bond and start a real alliance. Back on Kalabaw, Jonathan begins his search for the hidden immunity idol and finds the first clue. On Matsing, Russel also finds a clue, but doesn't know that Zane saw him take it.

After the first Immunity/Reward Challenge, Matsing must go to Tribal Council. Back at camp, Zane tells the others he is the weakest and wants to go, in reality just a ploy. But some of the others on the tribe prefer to vote out Russell, especially when they suspect he has an idol.

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  • The twenty-fifth season begins with three tribes, a few new faces and three old ones (and one familiar one).

    There have been better season premiere episodes of "Survivor". However this one wasn't bad, it was just average. Like many fans I heard in advance that three people who had to leave the game for medical reasons were going to participate this season. I was concerned that piece of trash Colton (Since I can't use the word I want to use to describe him due to protocol, I will be nice.) would be participating. I was very relieved to learn that was not the case. This episode focused primarily on the returning players (Hence the title of the episode.). Seeing how passionate Russell, Mike and Jonathan are about playing the game was a highlight of this episode. I was disappointed in the fact that the ending was quite predictable. Zane was the only person who did not know he was going to be voted out. He did it to himself with that stupid tirade he went on after his tribe lost the challenge. "Survivor: Philippenes" did not get off to a great start, just a good one.moreless
  • Not the best start...No fascinating figure...

    Dunno if it was just me, however the gap between the end of the 24th season and the beginning of the 25th one was a bit high...

    This first episode hasn't left too big of an impression on me with the exception of the 3 tribes concept...This will make the game more interesting...

    From the old players who were asked to came back the one that seemed the most prepared was Michael Skupin...Okay he seems a bit clumsy but he didn't made a bad impression on the first day...

    Out of the new players RC seemed okay, a bit cut-throat and has an evil eye...

    This doesn't mean I am underestimating the others, just that these two caught my fancy.

    For the next episode, I'd like to see how Russell Swan and Jonathan will be doing, as both seem on he outs...

    My favorite tribe is Tandang Tribe as the players are more aware and motivated.moreless
  • Interesting start! (spoilers ahead)

    The new season of Survivor already looks promising, and I believe there is a good tchance that this one could be the best once since HvV. With three tribes, the dynamics will be a lot mosre interesting post-merge or a fter a swap.

    RIght off the bat, I like Kalabaw and Matsing. Tandang is my least favourite, although I like Abi-Maria and Lisa. I don't like that tribe just because of RC. She seems completely up herself to the point where it is ridiculous. That's just my first impression - I hope it will change.

    Anyway, the outcome of the challenge was clear before it even statred with Russell being a dictator. But when Zane asked everyone to voe him off, it was an interesting ploy for a blindside, although one should never volunteer to go home - it's too easy of an excuse to give people.

    Anyway, it's shaping up to be pretty interesting, and I can't wait for Episode 2!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • A total of 10 contestants have been medically evacuated (medevaced) from the show. Three of them return in this season. It is the second time for Russell Swan ("Samoa") and Michael Skupin ("Australian Outback") and Jonathan Pener's third ("Cook Islands" and "Micronesia").

    • Coincidentally, Russell and Jonathan were both removed on day 15 in their respective seasons while Michael was removed on day 17. All three contestants were the sixth player to leave the game (although during Jonathan's injury-free season, he was the 14th player voted out).

    • It has been 11 years since Michael Skupin's last appearance on Survivor. This is the longest gap between a returning contestant's first and second appearance.

    • Contestant Jeff Kent is a retired Major League Baseball player and a former National League MVP while Lisa Whelchel is an actress best known for playing Blair Warner from "The Facts of Life".

    • Russell and Michael are the third and fourth contestants (afterShii-Ann Huang from All-Stars and Bobby Jon Drinkard from Guatemala) to return for a second time despite not making either the merge or jury in their previous appearance.

    • Jonathan Penner is the second contestant (after Ozzy Lusth in South Pacific) to return for a third season without competing in either "Survivor: All Stars" or "Heroes vs. Villains."

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