Season 25 Episode 1

Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • Not the best start...No fascinating figure...

    Dunno if it was just me, however the gap between the end of the 24th season and the beginning of the 25th one was a bit high...

    This first episode hasn't left too big of an impression on me with the exception of the 3 tribes concept...This will make the game more interesting...

    From the old players who were asked to came back the one that seemed the most prepared was Michael Skupin...Okay he seems a bit clumsy but he didn't made a bad impression on the first day...

    Out of the new players RC seemed okay, a bit cut-throat and has an evil eye...

    This doesn't mean I am underestimating the others, just that these two caught my fancy.

    For the next episode, I'd like to see how Russell Swan and Jonathan will be doing, as both seem on he outs...

    My favorite tribe is Tandang Tribe as the players are more aware and motivated.
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