Season 23 Episode 16

Survivor: South Pacific Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • They just completely ignored Semhar, Papa Bear, Eyse, Mikayla and Rick, as if they weren't even there (and one of them was in the Final Five, lol)!

    There were parts of this recap/reunion that I loved, such as Cochran. Then again, it's impossible not to love everything about Cochran!

    I also LOVED Russeell Hantz! I might be one of his few fans, but I love the guy! His speech was excellent. "He wants to change my greatness"! LOL! But he was also too mean to his nephew, saying that "he did nothing right, he didn't do 1 thing right". That was pushing too far.

    Sad that Brandon had such a negative reaction from his family. I am not his biggest fan, but making 6th place, regardless of how you did it, is a huge accomplishment, and his family absolutely should be prou.d.

    I loved Stacey and Christine, the Salt 'n' Pepa! They are both such awesome ladies, and both desrved better than they got!

    Having said that, they completely ifgnored the five aforementioned castaways! I can't believe they didn't talk to them even for 5 seconds!

    As well as that, great news for Edna being pregnant! And Whitney & Keith are together! A few decent surprises along the way, in what was a decent reunion!
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