Season 1 Episode 14

Survivor: The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 2000 on CBS

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  • Nice Cap Off

    Reunion shows have varying qualities in Survivor, so it's good to see that the first one is pretty good. All of the contestants get to talk at it and we see and hear various things about the season. I'm not sure if anything was a waste in a way, but it is good that this is part of the season and a good thing to have. Also, Bryan Gumbel wasn't a bad reunion show host, but it is weird to see him randomly hosting. Since Jeff is busy in Australia filming the next season, it makes sense that someone else has to host. But we'll see different reunion shows in the future and this one is certainly one of the better ones.
  • The reunion was not that good, but not a complete waste of time.

    This was a reunion of the sixteen contestants on the show. The show was okay because you got to learn about things that you did not get to see on the show and got to listen to what the contestants experienced on the island like the hygeine, lack of food and being with people they always did not get along with. Some of the bad points were that it was boring at times and sometimes you just want them to talk about something else. At the reunion also got to see the next season of Survivor that will be located in the Australian Outback. Overall, the reunion was not terrible, but not that good either.
  • Bryant Gumbel the jerk!

    I wished that Jeff Probst would had hosted as one
    Reviewer I agree with. Jeff seems to be polite but
    Firm and tries not to come off as a jerk like Bryant does.
    And Bryant makes people feel guilty and miserable about
    Themselves. Glad though that he would be leaving and the reins would go to Rosie on one show but Jeff for the remainder!
  • Bad host

    I guess it was to push the "deep" bullpen of CBS news stars that Bryant Gumble hosted the reuinion.

    Since season five (Thailand) show host Jeff Probst has handled the reunion, and watching this shows why that is a good thing.

    Gumbel stammers at times, and is very hard to watch. And letting fans ask questions live is always hit-or-miss.

    The cast are mostly in a good mood, though a few tensions are obvious.