Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2001 on CBS

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  • A little surprising, actually.

    To be honest, I was really surprised with the outcome of this vote, because I think Kel was one of the strongest players in terms of challenges, and I thought he'd easily make the merge. It hasn't worked out that way, an d I was surprised that Ogakor decided to vote him off first.

    The challenges were great! Great use of the beautiful cliffs for the Reawrd, and the Immunity was just disgusting, yet also interesting!

    A surprise outcome at Tribal makes this a great episode for me!
  • Jerri's a B***h

    Accusing Kel of smuggling beef jerky? I think that's a lie. Jerri is very manipulative.
  • A great episode with Kel, already an outsider, accused of smuggling beef jerky and is voted out.

    The episode was a great episode, probably one of the greatest pre-merge in this season. The episode started withthe tribes tired and hungry. When treemail comes telling that next immunity challenge the contestants will have to jump off a cliff which makes Rodger nervous. Despite this, Rodger came through, but Kucha still lost the reward which were blankets. After the win, at Ogakor Jerri accuses Kel of smuggling beef jerky. The tribe looked in his bag, but found nothing. At the immunity challenge, the tribes had to eat gross bugs and the tie breaker was the vegetarian Kimmi, and Tina and Kimmi won for Kucha. At tribal council, the tribe voted out Kel unanimously out of the tribe. This was a great episode with people struggling with the environment along with each other especially Kel and Jerri.
  • Kel got a raw deal!

    IMHO, Kel got a raw deal and got voted off
    Not just because of him being a loner and being shy and quiet
    But also because of him being in the military
    Sadly though that Jerri accused him of smuggling beef jerky
    As the whole entire tribe turned on him
    Had they kept him, they would had dominated all of the challenges
    But in the end, sometimes it is numbers that count
    And Kel was sadly hung out to dry!
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