Season 24 Episode 6

Thanks for the Souvenir

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2012 on CBS
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When the new Manono tribe return from Tribal, Alicia considers sticking with the guys on her tribe rather than the women and Colton isn't shy about insulting Christina and telling her that she is the next to be voted out. The next morning on Salani, Kat wonders if a dream she had about Alicia has a meaning of some kind.

Salani win the reward challenge, an opportunity to enjoy an ice cream parlour, while on Manono, Christina approaches Leif and Jonas to try and save herself. That night, Colton feels ill and Christina comforts him. The next morning, Tarzan thinks Colton has the symptoms of appendicitis. The medical team later inspect Colton and decide he needs to leave the game. After the removal of Colton, Jonas feels that now is the time to vote out Alicia.

Later, Salani and Manono receive tree mail and find out that both tribes will go to Tribal Council. Before leaving for Tribal, Tarzan tries to persuade Leif to vote for Christina, but Leif would prefer to vote out Alicia. When both tribes arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff informs Salani about Colton's evacuation and announces the merge.

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  • Colton, overconfident to the extreme, happily boasts to Christina that she will be the next to go. Oh, really?

    Recently I said that I was so furious at Manano that I was considering never watching "Survivor" again. I am so happy that I decided to keep watching because I just saw the greatest episode in all twenty four seasons. I was cheering so loud at seeing that scumbag Colton suffering and crying I lost my voice. I have watched "Survivor" from the beginning and there has never been an episode that has made me happier than this one. Seeing how horribly he treated Christina in the beginning of the episode added to my happiness. A person who is so horribly abusive to others almost deserves to have that happen to them. What would make me even more happy in future episodes is seeing the other scumbag Alicia get thrown out of the game. She said that she feels she is in trouble with Colton out. I sure as hell hope she is!moreless
  • Karma is a bitch!

    I wrote last week that I felt like jumping through the TV and smashing Colton in the face, well Colton, karma is a bitch isn't it! I have absolutely no sympathy at all for your illness and that is pretty sad that a reality TV show can make me make that judgement. Normally there is clever editing to make someone a villain but certainly not in this case. I would call you a despicable dog but that is being extremely unfair to all the canines in the world! Good riddance, go back to your sheltered life where your Mummy will always pat you on the head and tell you what a good boy you are. I hope your housekeeper goes postal one day and teaches you a life lesson!!

    Now get rid of Alicia and we can all get down and enjoy Survivor the way it should be played. There will be lies and backstabbing, last minute alliance changes and blindsides but at least everybody will be treated like a human being..moreless
  • The defnition of karma... (Possible spoilers)

    I normally feel absolutely terrible when someone has to be medically removed from the game, but today, I don't even remotely feel that way. Colton was just so disgusting with his behaviour, he got what he deserved.

    Additionally, he was suggesting to Christinea to throw herself in a ffire and get medevac'd - he gto what he desereved.

    That's basically all that happened today. But Kat is just hilarious - worrying about appendicitis! LOL!

    Not happy to see more black buffs... But I look forward to next week! :)moreless

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