Season 20 Episode 4

That Girl is Like a Virus

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2010 on CBS

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  • Brawns win for once, eight for eight!

    Really it was bad that they got rid of Stephenie and that she was the strongest woman that was out there. James is being just a jerk and he really has changed his attitude after laying low for the past two Survivors of his seasons. But Heroes won for once as they needed to win. They need to keep their mouths shut, put aside their differences, and work together as a team. Which they did this time around. How long that will last, who knows? Randy seemed really ticked that he was voted off. But he was the weakest despite several of his tribemates, especially Jerri. Fighting to keep him on. But in the end, his weakness and being the oldest sealed his fate in.
  • As the game progresses, Rob tells the viewers a key way to determine who is alligned with who. Russell is up to his old tricks again. James, tired of losing, helps the Heroes get a much needed win in the immunity/reward challenge by flattening Randy.

    We are only three episodes into "Heroes and Villans" but I think it's safe to say that this is shaping up to be a great season. Rob's comments about what the sleeping arrangements show was right on the money. I never thought I would say this, but for once in this game, I'm routing for him! The immunity/reward challenge was a high point in this episode. James may be getting "Island Madness," but it makes for great entertainment. What has also been a high point of this season is the tribal council. So far they have been fun to watch!
  • Great episode, with a great ending, for me!

    I thought this was an amazing episode, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was disappointed by one thing, which was having only one challenge, for combined reward and immunity, but overlooking that, it was sensational.

    I thought the solitary challenge was great, and I was extremely surprised to see one team dominate so heabvily, but I think that I was sort of happy the Heroes won, just to even things up a bit more.

    I was surprised with who the Villains voted out, but also extremely happy, as I didn't like him much.

    Overall, an extremely enjoyable episode, and this season is looking sensational for me. Keep it up, Survivor!
  • Physically, the Heroes are stronger but mentally, the Villains do! Coach is so amazingly annoying!!!

    Since the start of this season I thought the Heroes were much stronger than the Villains. But they were defeated by the Villains on the past two immunity challenge because they were not good enough mentally (for the puzzles). Since yesterday's IC was purely or mostly physical, the Heroes won by a landslide.

    It's exciting to watch how the Villains scrambled and decided who to vote out. Parvati was an early target like in Micronesia yet she survived the votes. Obviously she was dangerous and a previous winner yet no one attempted to vote her out? First I thought the Villains were dumb to keep her but I realized it was all strategic. Why? Because maybe the Villains realized that they can use Parvati to let some of her friends from the Heroes to flip to the them when the merge comes especially when they are outnumbered. Clearly, they noticed the strength of the Heroes that might cause them to lose future ICs.

    The editing of the episode convinced me that the votes would be somehow divided between Randy and Parvati yet he voted for Rob and all for him. He knew she wouldn't go home.

    I don't know what's wrong with Coach but he is so damn annoying! He gets into my nerves everytime he is focused! Is it his troll face? hair? dumb moves? I don't know. Since Tocantins he was just so annoying. And Coach said boastfully that he would fight for Randy? As if he can do it? What happened? Clearly, he's not a man of his words! He didn't have the guts to do he said. 

    Please Survivor, don't focus much on his not-so-good face and everytime he exercises in the morning. Who cares? Those scenes make me roll my eyes!   
  • Aww Randy gets eliminated.Randy should have at least atempted to look for the Idol.. People start seeing Parvati for who she is...Another lack of stylist-James.

    I don't really like this system of 1 challenge+reward...I thought it would be more about the strategy, but now that the Villains lost it was kinda of upseting. James and that attitude against Randy was annoying, that dude lost his marbles and hopefully he will be one of the first voted out...
    The way they lost this challenge was surprising. I thought they wanted to loose on purpose to be honest.
    Everyone voted Randy and it was surprising for me at least, because he was reliable to say the least...I saw in the scenes for next episode that Russ is targeted, honestly he might get eliminated because very few people would support him.. Without idol he might not be so strong.
    Last but not least I don't understand how these people vote. I mean nine votes against Randy from people who supposedly liked him-such as Coach.Why noone voted for Parvati?All that talk against her and not even one does it?Does this seems like a setup or is it me?