Season 16 Episode 4

That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ep 4: Airai loses when it matters most, and Joel screws over Mikey again.

    I think it's hilarious that the Fans tribe is being controlled (in a way) by the older players. It's funny, at this point, how bad Chet is at this game. By all rights, he should've been gone after the first day. However, Tracy (despite being older and not as strong as some of the other players) is a very good strategic player, and a very good sweet-talker.

    After the Fans tribe loses their Immunity challenge, Joel is finally ready to get rid of Chet. However, Tracy, realizing that the six other people on the tribe are going to pick her, Chet and Kathy off one-by-one, goes to Joel and feeds him a line about Mikey gunning for him. Joel doesn't seem to believe it that much, but Tracy is insistent, telling him that he needs to get rid of a long-term threat rather than a weak player like Chet.

    Once we get to Tribal Council, it's hard to tell if the plan to get rid of a stronger person over Chet will work for a second time, but sure enough, Jeff reads the vote, and Joel has orchestrated another blind-side. The difference is, it's Tracy technically orchestrating everything. Joel is just eradicating the stronger players and attracting all the attention.

    On the Favorites side, it's clear that Cirie has cemented her spot as the main play-maker on that side. Penner is, as expected, whiny and finds that Eliza is trying to get out of their alliance too. I have to say, there's nobody like Jonathan Penner when it comes to the "sneaking up on someone" tactic. He's fantastic at it.

    Also of note: Ozzy finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. This was clearly the season for him to find it: it involved swimming back and forth between islands to find clues, and as we know, Ozzy is a dolphin reborn as a human.
  • What's with all the Airai blindsides!

    Well this game is getting very exciting now, afeter Malakal continues to dominate the challenges, forcing Airai back to Tribal.

    Firstly for the challenges, they were really great and both of them were quite interesting! Ozzy's strategy at the first challenge worked well, and I was rather impressed by James's solving of the 'TRIUMPHANT' answer to the cocnout clue!

    The second hchallenge was great also! Manoeuvring that weird that thing was just hilarious, and the puzzle at the end would in fact have been very hard, but Eliza and Cirie made it look much easier than it ereally was! The neckalces could go in any order, meaning that there were so many different combinations possible!

    Tribal was great! Mikay B. gets blindisided again, and the votes are for him, this time. Can't say that I'm too disappointed by this, not that I like Joel either. But still, interesting outcome, and this season is just full of such great intensity!

    I hope the great standard of this season continues, and with a Tribal Swap looming, that's definitely possible!
  • Everything you could want

    Everything about this episode just screamed one of the top episodes of this series in a long time. Both challeneges were great - mainly because the fan tribe was blown out in both. Usually watching challeneges like that are boring - but when you see such unity and strengh coming from one tribe you have to appreciate it. Watching Ozzy perform in the reward challenge did in fact put him as one of the strongest competitors in the games history. I would have never thought of that and I couldnt think of a better way to try and make up for the fact that your tribe is full of weaker swimmers. The immunity challenge was a little boring to watch, but once again the absolute blowout just goes to show that experience is everything in this game and the other team just simply does not have it. Ozzy finding the immunity idol was great and the final 13 minutes of fan tribe life and tribal council were amazing. Mikey B falls into a classic trap situation, where one of the fans (I forget her name) outplays Joel to the fullest and gets him to do what she wants. I don't remember her name - but that is the play that is going to change this entire game around. Overall, fantastic episode of Survivor - can't wait to see the tribes switched up next week. Should take all of the alliances and throw them out the window.
  • good episode...

    Jonathan is angry because Cirie back-stabbed him. I think she's screwed herself. Anyways, the favorites win both challenges, YAY! I don't really like the fans. The only fan I like is Joel because he reminds me of Yul and he kicks butt. Joel took Mikey out! It was great. On exile, Ozzy found the idol and made a fake one! Awesome. Taking it out of the Yau Man playbook! That was halarious. I can't wait to see how it turns out. So, overall, this was actually a good episode. I greatly enjoyed it. I didn't really like the whole part with that girl being sick on favorites..but anyways, good episode.
  • Cire vs Jonathan!

    To be honest, Jonathan I thought is someone that you shouldn't trust at all. And that he put it on himself and that Cire had the right to stand up and know that he was a lying and pathetic one. And glad that the Favorites one as I am getting to the point where I am rooting for them and not the fans. The fans thought that they would be all out thinking that they could outsmart the favorites. But they have won two out of six. And Mikey B is the one that got left with the wrong end of the stick. Joel needs to go along with Chet. They both were made for each other IMHO!
  • A lot better!

    I thought this episode was fantastic! I loved how the favorites actually won both challenges and the fans are suffering from their looses. Both tribes actually know how to work together, and they realize what they have to do to make either tribe stronger in it's own way. One very smart move for both tribes on actually figuring that out and not just voting out the weakest person physically.

    I especially loved how at tribal council, that guy (can't think of his name right now) spoke out just as Jeff was about to say who was up to vote first. That was pretty funny, and I think he actually got across to his tribe mates. Think about who you have to vote out that is the weakest by not doing anything and not weakest as in physical. No one has ever interrupted Jeff before when he is about to see who's up to vote. It seemed unexpected, but it was funny with a little message for his tribe members to actually think about one more time who they really needed to get voted out. And I felt kinda bad for Chet. Which is why I didn't want him to go anyways. I can see why they chose Mickey B. to get voted out, but I'm not completely sure myself if that was the best choice. Maybe it was though. I hope next week's episode will be great.