Season 15 Episode 6

That’s Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 6: James and Todd come up with a plan, and Zhan Hu actually wins.

    At first, I thought the tribe switch was kind of a dumb move, mostly because it benefitted Zhan Hu and worked against Fei Long. However, after seeing James and Todd come up with their plan involving the hidden Immunity Idol, I have to admit I was wrong. I assumed James would be with Zhan Hu, but it appears after being kidnapped, he's willing to work behind the scenes to take out Zhan Hu.

    Todd, who finds the hidden idol, gives it to James, and tells him to throw the Immunity challenge so he can vote out Jamie. It's a great plan, and unfortunately, it fails after Denise is unable to swallow a chicken fetus that she's forced to eat for the challenge. To be fair, I could never do that either, so kudos to her for trying. However, it puts Fei Long in the position to vote out someone on their tribe.

    I was kind of surprised to suddenly see Courtney claiming she didn't feel connected in her own alliance. I think the editing has led us to believe that Courtney, Todd and Amanda are tight, but after the Tribal Council, it's clear Courtney feels on the outs. On one hand, I can see where she's coming from. Jean-Robert seems to single her out when commenting on the women in the tribe, and they clearly hate each other. On the other hand, it's odd that she would call Todd out in Tribal Council, right in front of everyone.

    That being said, despite Sherea and Courtney's best efforts, Todd and Amanda's alliance votes out Sherea in an effort to keep the Fei Long tribe strong.
  • Am I the only one who loves the Zan Hu tribe?

    Oh my god, what a relief Zhan Hu won the immunity challenge. I loved Todd's face when he realized his great plan didn't work. I can't believe Frosti. He changed tribes like in a second! He thinks he's so good, I can't wait to see you go. Merge, and I hope the three remaining tribe members of Zhan Hu can beat James. He's just a loser and false. He was so shocked when they threw the challenge, and he did the exact same thing in this episode, but it didn't work out! Shame on you really. Courtney, I really like her. She's my favorite character in Fei Long along with Todd.
  • Extraordinary reward and Zhan Hu's still not satisfied

    Well, maybe Aaron and James could've flipped over to Zhan Hu. However, I'm so shocked that Aaron left. James might have survived the round, but not for long. Zhan Hu just can't help it how cocky they were. The reward I've got to say, Fei Long's Frosti has stepped it up. The tea house was so amazing and WOO HOO James' nudity in the shower was just so nice. Even Amanda thinks is good. Todd got the clue and then Frosti comes in. The idol in front of everyone was just risky. I'm glad that Frosti has stepped up his game. Denise I don't blame her for not able to eat Balute. At least Courtney tried to save Sherea.
  • Review

    Certainly a pick up from alst weeks horrible episode, an and interesting one with a lot of different ideas being throw around here. I really did think Todd was playing a flawless game until right at the end when he was talking about getting rid of Jean Robert. There is no way you should talk Frosties word in that case. Not when you expect a 5-5. In the end it all worked out and Jean Robert life was saved. Now with the 6-4 lead, a merge could spell the end of Jean Robert and the remaining yellows that remain. I thougt the first challeneg was kind of cool, though if they had done it at night with some torches going that would have been pretty amazing I think. Two hidden immunity idols should be found by James in the next episode and if I were him I would tell people I would share but I wouldnt. The man is going to win so many idividual immunitys I really dont know how he would mess it up if he played the game on the backs of Todd right now. Overall, the episode was solid with the immunity challenge being a little less then amazing with James trying to throw the challenege. Funny after he said last week he could never do that.
  • Todd comes up with a strategy to change the game

    I love this type of episode where there is so much strategy involved. I just love analyzing people's moves and what they should and should not have done. What I didn't like was how they made it look like Todd was a mastermind strategist. He is generally good but in this episode I didn't like his plan. He was basically wasting the immunity idol so that he could get Jaime out one week sooner. You should save the idol for when you need it. Anyway I just loved this episode because I really like to analyze people's strategy.

    I was really glad it didn't work out. I was sure that Jaime was going to be eliminated. It was really amusing to see his attempt to throw the challenge fail as Denise couldn't eat it at all. It was very interesting to see how Courtney decided to vote. I did not see her as the type to vote so much on personal reasons. Overall it was a good episode because so much strategy was involved.
  • James is saved again.

    I really like James, and I'm glad how this episode changed things to make him safe. What a kick to the pants to try to throw a challenge and not being able to do it. I was dissappointed until Sherea opened her mouth at tribal council and was really verbally mean to John Robert. Nobody should be talked to like that. From what I've seen, he may be a little creepy, but she was nasty, and I'm glad she is gone. I was liking her a bit, but I remember she was mouthy on her tribe and now this one. And I'm really glad the girls are running scared now, because of them throwing the challenge last week, was a big waste of time and they screwed themselves now.
  • James in danger of going home!

    We have seen a big character development in the usually shy James, who is the brawns in this season. As finally, he gets some help from the immunity clues from the former tribe he was won. After they win a challenge, reward that is, they get to kidnap him. And that James, who was in danger of going home due to his current tribe's throwing the challenge to get rid of him but instead of Aaron last time. He feels confident. Cherea goes home due to her lazy work ethic. And that Denise just couldn't eat the digusting food that they had to win in the immunity challenge. It really looked disgusting if you ask me.
  • immunity idols are finally found...

    James is kidnapped by the other tribe and is given the immunity idol so that he may throw the next immunity challenge, use the idol, and then vote another tribe member out (Sorry, I don't really remember any of the people's names). Anyways, he is unable to throw the challenge and Cheria (?) is voted out at tribal council. I thought this was just another average episode. It was funny to see a whole plot being formed just to see it ruined. So, overall, it was just an average episode. Things are picking up though; it's now down to the final group.
  • Who can eat the most disgustig food.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Survivor. I really liked that the Red team kidnapped James after winning the reward challange and that Adam was able to conviced James to give him the hiddem immunity idol clue. I was happy that they were able to find the immunity idol and to tell James were it was so he could get it to save him and the tribal council. I was really surprised that the red team was not able to win the food eating challange evan with James trying to let Denise finish eating before him. I was not all that surprised that Sherea got voted out.
  • A great episode that shows you that when you have the perfect plan it can go to heck in a hand basket very quickly.

    Just when you thought that James was good and gone Todd came to his rescue. The plan that Todd has was a good one but then no one cooperated. Now that is gone, what is plan B? James is in an incredible position, he has both immunity idols and has Todd and the others trying to watch his back if they in fact merge next week.
    I do not think it is a merge, but a team scramble and we will have a merge later. With everyone thinking merge, I think they will be crossed up again.
    This season has some interesting twists. I think they got rid of the right person last night, it was overdue there. Jean-Robert is a good poker player, have seen him in action, do not count him out quite yet.
  • What an episode...a perfect plan goes to waste

    Let me just say that Todd is by far one of the smartest players to ever play the game. Wow...though his plan didn't work it was pure genius.

    anyway...that being said, this was great episode, CBS once again did a great job of making you think one thing and throwing you another. I was absolutly positive Jaime or Erik was going home tonight...since I'm now rooting for Erik i wasn't too happy. But good ol' Denise saved the day.
    Also, James is a such a good man, he didn't get really pissed off or anything, I could see Jean-Robert throwing a fit in that situation. After the immunity challenge it was fore-gone conclusion that Sherea was gone, and good riddance. Her don't take **** from anyone attitude wore thin really quickly.

    For next week...
    Not sure which immunity idol Erik and Jamie are looking at next episode, but if it's James I'm not sure they can take it. Hopefully they somehow find the other one. Also, da merge...booyah
    prediction for next week:
    immunity winner: James
    voted out: Jean-Robert or Erik(curses)
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