Season 24 Episode 7

The Beauty in a Merge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • Go get 'em, girls!!!

    This was another interesting episode, although I'd have been much more satisfied if Tarzan had gone home, because he was just unbearaable today.

    But I am happy to see Jonas gone. He seemed happy to ride disgusting Colton's coattails, so I'm absolutely hapyy that he is gone.

    The good news now is that there are 6 women to 5 men. Even though I hate Alicia and dislike Christina, hopefully Chelsea, Kat, Kim and Sabrina can now go really far.

    I also think that the Immunity Challenge was great! I loved that challenge (from Redemption Island I think) and it was fun to see it again! But I was so sure Kat was gonna win, so that was a little disappointing. :(

    Kepp it up, and I can't wait wto see how this will unfold!
  • Salani and Manano merge to form Tikiano. Tarzan and Jonas have a falling out which seals Jonas' fate at Tribal Council.

    There have been better episodes, but this particular episode wasn't too bad. The problem was it was very predictable. As soon as Tarzan and Jonas went at it I knew Jonas was gone. In all fairness Jonas may have been able to save himself at Tribal Council had he not opened his mouth and said he was voting for Kat. There really isn't much else worth mentioning about this episode. I just hope that the rest of the season does not become too predictable. The way I see it is now that the women have an advantage they will start picking off the men one by one. That would not be good in the sense that there will be no suspense from here on in.
  • Disappointing outcome...

    Man Colton would have been so useful here...He could easily have controlled Tarzan and the guys...Instead Jonas got eliminated...And there isn't a leader yet, Troyzan is playing it smart while the others just go about it without considering the outcome...

    This can still be a good season just need some patience for the final 6...Till then its kinda bad.