Season 26 Episode 12

The Beginning Of The End

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Serenity and/or The Silent One FTW

    The received wisdom seems to be that Cochran is running away with this thing, but I think his position may not be as strong in the end as he would like to believe or convey. His alliance-mates, for example, were less than amused by his bowing out of the first of this episode's immunity challenges in order to get a plate of hot dogs.

    Although slamming her has become a regular pastime of this season's viewers, I like Brenda's chances. I think in her own way she has been as strategic as Andrea, without the fatal running of the mouth that sealed Blonde-Blue Eyes-Bikini's fate.

    Also, don't put it past Erik cool-breezing in to the final three. His form in the last challenge was stunning, if Eddie goes soon (and by all rights he should now that Andrea his ill-advised protectress is gone) he'll be on his own as a well-rounded challenge threat. A couple of well-timed wins, and he's in.

    On the whole, it's been a very entertaining season. My wife and I started watched together from season 23 on and this may well be the most entertaining one down the home stretch yet.
  • As Good As It Gets

    Two classic blindsides in one season. With more to come. What more can one ask for of this season. And the way things are going more blindsides are in the making, except it won't be a surprise to players anymore since they all know they can now go at any moment with no clear leader as a visible target. They're not giving Brenda enough face time. She must've been doing some lobbying to help pull off the Andrea blindside but they showed none of it. Preview seems to indicate she's orchestrating a Cochran blindside. I think her intention is to get to final three with Dawn and maybe Sherri who has done nothing to get herself voted the winner. Maybe she's just aiming for the hundred grand. I don't even thing Reynolds will vote for Eddie if he's in the final since Eddie has done nothing but filling a spot in the Three Amigos chairs. I like Cochran, Brenda and Dawn for the final three. Eric has been too wishy-washy although he has made some wise decisions. Now that two more strong competitors are gone who will dominate the challenges now?
  • Good episode, with well deserved eliminations.

    First elimination was quite clear, Reynold was average in the challenge and he made no attempt to find the idol, its just mind blowing how some people can accept defeat that easily.

    Second elimination made me cherish Russell Hantz even more, as the guy played the idol every time he felt he had.

    Andrea just was on auto-pilot because normally when you hear Cochran saying "I made similar promises that were similarly dishonest" you gotta realize you might be it. She didn't and paid for it.

    I am a bit disappointed in Brenda, because she seems a lot like Parvati, yet she isn't a planner but a follower. I don't think she can get final 3.

    Cochran looking good, but would like to see how he would act in a superstar with Russell, Boston Rob, Parvati and a lot of heavy hitters. Because this feels like a sandbox game.
  • Great episode but I'm devestated!

    This episode was great with some interesting strategy, but I am absolutely devastated with the outcome. :( Andrea was my favourite, and one of my all-time favourites from the seasons that I have seen.

    But nonetheless, the move for ousting her was a smart one, as she was clearly the most intelligent and strategic person left in the game.

    I kinda like everyone lefft but I don't really love anyone left anymore, except an invisible Brenda who has had less airtime that the wildlife of the Philippines. -_-
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