Season 10 Episode 5

The Best and Worst Reward Ever

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ulong return from Tribal Council and attempt to seek shelter from a huge rainstorm in a cave. The only problem is that they get lost, so they decide to return to camp and suffer through the pouring rain. Over at Koror, Gregg and Jennifer get comfortable while the other tribemates take notice of this possible two-person alliance. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe get annoyed at Willard for not helping with fire duty. At the Reward Challenge, Jeff tells both tribes they will both be going to Tribal Council and each tribe will vote out one person. The tribes also learn that the winning tribe will be able to enjoy a feast at Tribal Council while the losing tribe is forced to sit and watch. After Ibrehem loses for Ulong, the tribe feels he should go. At their first Tribal Council, Koror votes out Willard and then enjoy their feast while Ulong and Jeff talk. Jeff then announces that Koror will vote to decide one member of Ulong to have immunity. After Ibrehem is awarded Immunity, Koror leaves as Ulong votes. The results of the vote ends in a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon. Ulong then votes again, where Angie becomes the sixth castaway voted out of Palau.moreless

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Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon

Herself (Season 10 - 4th Place) (6th Juror)

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Ashlee Ashby

Ashlee Ashby

Herself (Season 10 - 2nd Voted Out)

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Himself (Season 10 - 9th Voted Out)

Caryn Groedel

Caryn Groedel

Herself (Season 10 - 14th Voted Out) (5th Juror)

Coby Archa

Coby Archa

Himself (Season 10 - 10th Voted Out) (1st Juror)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • As Willard is voted off before the food is served, this marks the first time ever that a member of a tribe that has won a Reward Challenge does not get to partake in the reward.

    • This is the third time that two Tribal Councils were held in one hour, and is the second time that two castaways were voted off by their respective tribes in one episode.

    • This episode features four different voting sessions, two by Koror (voting out Willard and voting for Ibrehem to get Immunity) and twice by Ulong (a regular voting-off process and a tie-breaker). There is no Immunity Challenge in this episode.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode featured the first tie at Tribal Council since the final four of season four, Survivor: Marquesas.

    • In a surprise twist, the Koror tribe votes for who they think deserves immunity on the Ulong tribe before they vote someone off. Ibrehem wins Immunity thanks to Koror's votes.

    • Another two castaways are voted off in this episode: Willard from Koror and Angie from Ulong.