Season 10 Episode 5

The Best and Worst Reward Ever

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2005 on CBS
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The Best and Worst Reward Ever
Ulong return from Tribal Council and attempt to seek shelter from a huge rainstorm in a cave. The only problem is that they get lost, so they decide to return to camp and suffer through the pouring rain. Over at Koror, Gregg and Jennifer get comfortable while the other tribemates take notice of this possible two-person alliance. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe get annoyed at Willard for not helping with fire duty. At the Reward Challenge, Jeff tells both tribes they will both be going to Tribal Council and each tribe will vote out one person. The tribes also learn that the winning tribe will be able to enjoy a feast at Tribal Council while the losing tribe is forced to sit and watch. After Ibrehem loses for Ulong, the tribe feels he should go. At their first Tribal Council, Koror votes out Willard and then enjoy their feast while Ulong and Jeff talk. Jeff then announces that Koror will vote to decide one member of Ulong to have immunity. After Ibrehem is awarded Immunity, Koror leaves as Ulong votes. The results of the vote ends in a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon. Ulong then votes again, where Angie becomes the sixth castaway voted out of Palau.moreless

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  • Huge twist and twist after twist!

    This episode was intense - so many twists left right and centre that shook up the absolutely interesting game.

    Ibrehem really let him group down but the twist certainly gives him new life in this game. What a shocker! No surprises with the vote at Koror although it is nice ot finally see them at Tribal as they can't stop winning!

    The vote at Ulong however was really great! It was up in the air after Jeff revealed the huge twist! And it certainly was biazrre as votes were thrown to almost every available player.

    Nonetheless they got rid of somebody and they're down to four - wonder if they can bounce back? THe odds are stacked against them!moreless
  • A double elimination episode reveals where each tribe lies internally.

    So this episode had the Double Tribal Council where, irregardless of the winner of the Challenge (which effectively becomes a Reward Challenge), both tribes had to vote someone out. This was last (and first) seen in Vanuatu. I didn't like it then, and I didn't like it now. The reason being that it weakens the integrity of the game by reducing the importance of Immunity/Challenges. Hypothetically, a player could be safe until the Final Tribal Council if his/her tribe were to win every Immunity Challenge and then he/she were to win every Individual Immunity Challenge. The Double Tribal Council eliminates this possibility. Imagine if Koror thought the merge was coming and saw Tom as a threat, without having lost an Immunity Challenge, Tom could've been sent packing. That's why I think it sucks, and am glad it's only been used a few times in 20 seasons.

    Having said that, such twists are part of Survivor (much like the swap that screwed Silas in Africa).

    This episode revealed that in Koror there's a 5-person alliance of Tom, Ian, Katie, Gregg and Jenn, and a 4-person alliance of Coby, Janu, Caryn and Willard. However, all is not as it seems. Coby's tenuous position becomes much stronger when Gregg approaches him revealing that he thinks Tom, Iain and Katie have a strong 3-person alliance, and thus finding himself and Jenn on the outs, he plots that when Koror is down to 7 players, that he (Gregg) and Jenn ally with Coby and Janu. This presupposes that Caryn and Willard will be the first two eliminated. Coby sees the wisdom in this plan and knowing he cannot do anything to save Willard anyways, votes him out along with Janu (who he assumingly revealed the plan to) and Caryn (who is trying to save her own butt). The fun part of this episode was watching Ulong have a lead, only to blow it (with Ibrehem entirely to blame for the loss), then having Koror feasting in front of them, and, shockingly and why this gets a 9.5, Koror getting to give Immunity to a sole Ulong after hearing their Council, albeit without discussing the vote with each other. Madness! Koror likely saved Ibrehem from getting voted off by giving him Immunity 3-2-2-1 (2 for Steph and Bobby Jon, and 1 for Angie). Then, we had our first tie since Marquesas' stupid purple rock! In the first round, the women stuck together and voted for Bobby Jon. James and Bobby Jon stuck together and voted for Angie. Immune Ibrehem voted for James. With the 2-2-1 tie, a 3-person re-vote ensued, with James now immune, Ibrehem chose Angie over Bobby Jon, and Steph, likely realizing this, voted against her girlfriend to show unity (which was *spoiler* wise since she eventually outlasted the men on her tribe).

    All-in-all a very exciting and revealing episode which was full of surprises!moreless
  • A suspenseful episode with a suprise double-elimination!

    This episode offered a special elimination which would mean that someone from both tribes would be leaving the game, but the tribe that won the immunity (Koror: of course) would be able to enjoy a lovely feast after the elimination. This made the whole episode interesting as well as the alliances that the castaways are forming such as Greg and Jennifer and their love for each other. Both challenges were tough and involved a lot of team work to succeed. Ulong tried their best to win immunity, but once again Koror had the right combination of brains, brawn and teamwork to win the challenge.

    Tribal council was very interesting especially for Koror, because this was their first council. The castaways decided that Willard was going to be eliminated so he was. He was angry about this. Then Koror got to enjoy a feast in front Ulong while they were in tribal council. Angie had received the most votes and left the game.

    Overall I must say that every episode just seems to be better than the one before!moreless
  • No wonder I can't stand Gregg!

    I really don't like Gregg

    He thinks he is Mr Stud as he and Jenn

    Are really romancing one another

    That is kind of an insult to the team

    And that Gregg is so cocky and arrogant

    I would love to teach that boy some manners

    Meanwhile poor Ulong is continuing to lose

    Again and again

    No wonder Ulong should be called Ugone!!

    Until Stephenie is the last person standing

    She is indeed an island!
  • About the only thing you need to know for this episode is that Ibrehem screwed up in the RC, and at the double TC, Willard was voted out of Koror, and in a special twist, Ibrehem was granted immunity making Angie the 6th person voted out of the game.moreless

    Man, I'm just going to come out and say it:

    I hate double tribal councils.

    I think they are unfair and really serve no purpose other than to shake the game up and to make the season one episode shorter. I personally would rather them add an extra episode and just eliminate one person at a time.

    The only thing I liked about this episode was the twist thrown at TC when Koror got to grant Ibrehem immunity. I thought that was brilliant, and it made Ulong vote out Angie, someone they OBVIOUSLY didn't want to vote out at that point.

    With that said, I don't think Ibrehem was the person that needed to go in that episode. Sure, he cost Ulong the chance to eat stew. That's it, buddies. Whereas James lost to Coby twice in Sumo at Sea and cost them Immunity that they desperately needed. Now don't get me wrong, I really liked James. I thought he was funny as you-know, but when it came right down to it, Ibe was more of an asset than James was.

    Of course, we all knew by now that Ulong was doomed. Koror was actually done a FAVOR by being able to get rid of Willard, so in actuality it made their tribe stronger, because since Ulong also lost a member, they just got to rest more people so they could send their A-team out to get immunity. It was rediculous.

    But going back to the little immunity twist, I personally am of the mindset that that should be done at every TC. Or, more specifically, that the losing tribe should immediately have an individual IC where one person can guarantee their safety up to the merge. It adds an interesting dynamic, because it allows one person to throw off a sub-alliance's plans, and it can also mean that tribes might actually LOSE the IC just so they can fight for individual Immunity. Just a thought, of course.

    So, we bade farewell to Angie, the most blurred Survivor since Jenna and Heidi. She was a fierce competitor, but by the time of her exit, it really didn't make a squat's worth of difference.

    Overall, a good episode with a good plot and an awesome twist.moreless
Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer Lyon

Herself (Season 10 - 4th Place) (6th Juror)

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Ashlee Ashby

Ashlee Ashby

Herself (Season 10 - 2nd Voted Out)

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Himself (Season 10 - 9th Voted Out)

Caryn Groedel

Caryn Groedel

Herself (Season 10 - 14th Voted Out) (5th Juror)

Coby Archa

Coby Archa

Himself (Season 10 - 10th Voted Out) (1st Juror)

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • As Willard is voted off before the food is served, this marks the first time ever that a member of a tribe that has won a Reward Challenge does not get to partake in the reward.

    • This is the third time that two Tribal Councils were held in one hour, and is the second time that two castaways were voted off by their respective tribes in one episode.

    • This episode features four different voting sessions, two by Koror (voting out Willard and voting for Ibrehem to get Immunity) and twice by Ulong (a regular voting-off process and a tie-breaker). There is no Immunity Challenge in this episode.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode featured the first tie at Tribal Council since the final four of season four, Survivor: Marquesas.

    • In a surprise twist, the Koror tribe votes for who they think deserves immunity on the Ulong tribe before they vote someone off. Ibrehem wins Immunity thanks to Koror's votes.

    • Another two castaways are voted off in this episode: Willard from Koror and Angie from Ulong.


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