Season 11 Episode 3

The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at All

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • The Nakum Gorilla! <3333333

    A fun and exciting episode! But best of all was the Nakum gorilla bugging everyone! The zookeeper Cindy believes that the monkey is lost and separatied from his family, which would be sad. But that thing was so loud, I'm surprised Yazxha weren't complaining about him as well!! :D

    It is an interesting set of challenges! The Reward challenge with the tents was aweosome!!! Brooke is my favourite at the moment,so I am glad she didn't cost Nakum the win, otherwise it would place a target on her back.

    Meanwhile, the Immunity Challenge was even better! Who knew the Maya had such asn awesome sport! It's looking really fun,, especially given the wobbly net surface!!

    Nakum continues to win, which is great! I love Nakum, except maybe Judd. I like most of Yaxha too, but not really Gary, Rafe or Liydia.

    I'm upset that Brianna went. She was downright dredful ta the Immunity Challenge, but I think she is more valuable than Lydia in other types of challenges, so I think it was a wrong move for Yaxha, but only time will tell!

    Can't wait for next week! I'm really enjoying this! <333
  • Men being Men!

    I loved Bobby Jon in Palau
    And thought he was strong as an ox
    As well as strong at heart and mind
    But I don't like him this season at all
    Because he and Judd are acting like they are on a camping trip and vacation
    Leaving poor nurse Maggie to do all of the work
    And that they shouldn't be complaining at all
    When she is only providing morale support
    What a bunch of wimps IMO!
  • Boring!

    Wow, Survivor amoungst the amazing Mayan ruins (I love archaeology), who thought it could be so boring! I'm a fan, but this had to be one of the most boring episodes ever (I set up my video recorder for this!). About the only interesting thing was to see rumblings in the Nakum tribe aagainst Margaret who nursed many of the guys back to health! Talk about gratitude and can that Jamie winge (please get rid of him soon)! Has anyone noticed someone flyin under the radar? Brooke, don't remember ever seeing her say anything? Wonder if anyone will get nibbled by a croc while going for a dip in the lake, at least that would be interesting!
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