Season 22 Episode 9

The Buddy System

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • Phillip Sheppard. What a legend! (Spoilers!)

    THis was a truly hilarious episode of Survivor, especially regarding Phillip Spehhrd. The guy is so hilarious - who else would show up at an Immunity Challenge with a feather across his head - at least now Rob should keep him in!

    Aside from Phillip, it is great to see the Zapatera group slowly dwindling away. While there was nothing unpredictable about this episode, in terms of the elimination of Zapatera members, it was very satisfying to see that happen as they are very incompetent and detestable people. Their challenge-throwing resulted in losing the numbers, and ultimately the complete eradtication of their trivbe (soon, hopefully).

    I really like Phillip - the guy is hilarious. I hope he wins thi s season, but I don't see him receiving any votes in this game, unofrtunately.

    The nature of this game has improvesd heavily. The first six episodes resulted in the elimination of people I liked, but now the annoying people are leaving one bey one.

    Keep it up, Survivor - I hope this season continues to go well, and best of luck to Matt at Redemption Island.
  • Same thing different day in Nicaragua. Rob continues his dominance of the game, Phillip continues to go out of his mind and Zapaterra continues to fall apart.

    The only thing that was out of the ordinary in this particular episode is that there were two Tribal Councils and nobody was knocked out of the game. Aside from that there was nothing memorable in this episode. With the former Ometeppes in control, there's no doubt that the remaining Zapaterras will all be picked off if they don't win immunity. Yawn. As with other episodes, the most entertaining thing is seeing Phillip continue to go bonkers with each passing day. His explanation for wearing his crude headdress had me laughing myself silly. Maybe you will get a good laugh.
  • The good: Zapatera is getting smashed. The bad: Rob is losing the focus in the challenges.

    Always have I resented this types of people like Boston Rob that kill you with kindness...but apparently most people love him, most people like to be lied to...That's why I consider Russell to be the best survivor player ever...You could sense when you got eliminated...
    I was appalled to see Rob not qualifying in the final of the first immunity challenge...Was just round his alley, to resolve a puzzle...Yet he got lazy and lost it...Second immunity challenge, he is eliminated first...What is a surprise to me is eliminating David not Farmer Ralph...I mean at least Ralph tried something, attempted to turn someone from Rob's group, whereas David isn't social, is average in the challenges and can't do anything properly...
    You can sense the Zapatera being tired, they didn't even tried more for the immunity idol...Hence this season is getting boring...As stated previously, Rob is taking them out one by one...
    The only good sides remaining are two:
    1)The Redemption island challenges.
    2)The fact that its 6-3 for Omaetepe...So Rob might feel it's high time to eliminate 1-2 members from this alliance:either Ashley, Grant or Phillip.
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