Season 19 Episode 10

The Day of Reckoning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Bye bye Blackbird.

    Another fascinating episode.
    Another blindside.
    Russell finds yet again another idol, but this time he has the presence of mind to keep the information to himself.
    Laura tries desperately to hold on to staying in Survivor, however she fails to win immunity.
    Galu group tries to create a diversion and convince the Foa Foa group to vote John.(man they are so bad,no strategist among them).This makes John feel uneasy and think very well what his vote will be.
    At the Tribal Council Natalie and Laura get 5 votes each. So they propose another vote, to see is anyone can be turned, John votes Laura. I think its a smart movement on the part of John because if he didn't had taken this decision they would have been given rocks and whoever had a rock of different color would have been voted out.
    However I think Foa Foa is still in danger, in the sense now we have 5 Galu and 4 Foa Foa.Shambo saw her dream of voting of Laura and there is the chance she could be turned in voting Russell.
    I think the idol is the element of surprise here and could save Rus and Foa Foa.
    In the scenes from the next episode I saw Galu wanna vote somebody they consider as the cancer of group, and I saw John was there so they could only mean Rus. Shambo is trying to get Foa members to vote that person but Jaison isn't buying it.
    So I think either Shambo or John should be the next one to go.
  • "Oh I have a GREAT idea, let's put John's head on the chopping block to throw off Foa Foa. And here's an even better idea, let's not even TELL John about it!"

    After receiving a clue to another hidden immunity idol, Russell uses his built-in idol "radar" to seek it out under a moss-covered rock. He finds it, of course, and hides it in his pocket.

    At the immunity challenge, everyone was asked to throw a rock at their own set of tiles in order to have a chance at immunity. One broken tile = one arrow to shoot at a target. Closest shot to the target wins. Laura throws a rock and misses completely. I cringed, and yet smiled, when Shambo started laughing at her as if to say, "I can't believe it, I can FINALLY vote her OUT!"

    Knowing that Foa Foa plan to vote for Laura, Galu devise a plan to vote out Natalie, believing she was the least likely to have the immunity idol. In order to prevent a tie at Tribal Council, Galu try to throw off Foa Foa by sending Monica over to convince them that she will vote for John if they do. The idea is that if 4 members of Foa Foa vote for John, and Shambo votes for Laura (which will happen no matter what), that will leave Galu with five of their own votes to get rid of Natalie.

    John is not happy that this decision was made, and that his head could potentially be put on the chopping block, regardless if he wouldn't actually be voted out by the majority. His "life" as he puts it, was being offered, and said that he'd "appreciate it if someone could have run it by me first". This action will have consequences later, when at Tribal Council there is a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie. Laura and Natalie sit out while the others vote. If there is again another tie, everyone will have to draw stones and someone at random will go home. John, being the smart guy that he is, votes against Laura, and WOO HOO! Laura goes home tonight. Another blindside, and another "win" for Foa Foa as members of the old Galu tribe are voted out one by one.

    All I have to say is, Russell is definitely someone I'd want to have on my side in this game. I have been pondering in my mind if I should be so bold as to say this could be the best season of Survivor so far, purely based on the entertainment value Russell provides. It really is incredible.

    And the best part is, he didn't even play the hidden immunity idol tonight. So that means, there are more surprises in store for us in next week's episode. This just keeps getting better and better!
  • Galu's control of the game continues to disintigrate as Foa Foa turns Shambo against her former tribe. Russell once again shows his superior playing skills.

    One of the things I like about "Survivor" is it's ability to surpise the viewers with various twists and turns which keep the game exciting. Sadly there is none of that in this episode. This episode contained endless clips of Russell saying he will find the hidden immunity idol for the third time and even more endless clips of various castaways saying that Laura will be voted out. This episode was a letdown in the sense that there were no surprises whatsoever. Though I will keep watching, it could not be more obvious who will win. Again, no surprises whatsoever.
  • A very interesting episode, once again!

    This episode was a turning point in the game, and a switch of alliances for John. I found the two challenges to be really interesting to watch, and I was glad that Mick won the Immunity.

    I was really surprised and happy that the outnumbered Foa Foa continued to divide and conquer the Galu tribe, by taking Shambo and John under their wing.

    I was surprised that Monica could be so stupid in her plan to force a tie, because I personally wouldn't want it to be decided by Lady Luck. She personally had the chance to change to the stronger allegiance, and put her friendship before the game, which was a sign of weakness.

    Overall, the episode was really interesting, and I was super thrilled that John voted out Laura.

    Another great episode of Survivor, that I highly recommend!
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