Season 27 Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2013 on CBS

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  • Finally a twist for next

    I'm so glad for Tadhana, so it means that Brad has been the negative part but still I root for that guy and hopes he'll survive the next duel and John will go home, a guy that has got two clues and still no idle doesn't deserve to be on the island.

    One thing about this season, the title sequence is DEAD like the title of CBS, that sucks in ororiginality....

  • Tadhana finally gets its act together and wins it's first challenge. Meanwhile Brad faces off against his worst enemy at Redemption Island.

    "The Dead Can Still Talk" is one of the better episodes so far this season. Mainly because it was good to see Tadhana finally manage to win. It's kind of interesting that they finally win after they dump their "leader". As I watched Brad's wife throw away the clue to the Hidden Immunity idol, I realized something that makes this season unique from all others. This season is the first time in which nobody wants the Hidden Immunity Idol. In every season that featured them up to this point people were madly searching for them and would kill to find one. Now nobody cares. A nice deviation from the norm. This episode is also significant in the sense that we see the tough physical toll the game can have on its players. It would not surprise me at all if a member of Tadhana had to leave the game for medical reasons. The sight of Katie's raw and swollen toes made me cringe. If we have more episodes like this one in particular, maybe this season will be worth watching.
  • A clever title goes here!, but only if you can think of one

    Laura B didn't do anything to save herself, she is just fodder waiting to be disposes of.

    Laura M is looking hotter episode by episode.

    Her daughter looks like Colleen from season one.

    I still wish they could find a way to bring back Kelly from season one

    Culpepper has some skills, don't like to see him telling his wife to throw out an immunity clue, but frankly he already made a lot of money so screw it.

    Also he took out Candace so at least he outlasted her and her middle finger.

    ght arm. I tore my shoulder and it took months to recover without surgery, so I don't think he is long for this game, which is a shame, I like him

    Caleb isn't just right about his place in the game, he isn't stupidd enough to fall for Vytas kissing ass.

    I love this show.
  • Very good episode! (Episode

    This was a great episode in many ways!

    Firstly on Redemption Island, I didn't know who to cheer for, since I liked all three (once again). It was a very interesting duel and a very sad departure who will be missed. :(

    Meanwhile Tadhana finally got their act together and somehow pulled off a win, despite useless Ciera failing at yet another challenge. No suspenseful surprised looks there.

    Then I was really hoping Galang wouldn't boot Laura B, as she has been useful to them and valuable at challenges, not to mention this being her first ever Tribal Council.

    Absolutely ECSTATIC with the blindside! I really dislike Laura Morett, and I was very happy to see the back of her.

    However, a small part of me wants her to do well on Redemption Island and go further than her daughter, since she definitely deserves to be here more than Ciera does, who has been nigh on useless.

    Mixed emotions right throughout, but a great all-round episode!