Season 1 Episode 13

The Final Four

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 2000 on CBS

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  • The historic first season ends with a Tribal Council for the ages and a dramatic and suspenseful final vote.

    After more than thirty seasons, the finale of the the inaugural season is still hands down the best finale in the entire history of "Survivor". It is just as excellent as it was when it first premiered. It's no mystery why more than thirty million people tuned in to see it when it originally aired. This goes without saying but I will say it regardless. Susan Hawk's excellent Snake and Rat speech is the greatest moment in the series' entire history. You can feel Susan's emotion coming through the screen as she rips into Kelly. With all due respect to Kelly, who I think did an excellent job in the game, Susan's speech is classic. This episode alone solidified "Survivor" as the best reality show on television both then and now. Some of the seasons that followed were good and some were great. However they do not come even close to season one.
  • Great Finale and Winner

    So many people tend to think that Kelly should have won this Survivor season. But, it's not always the strongest players that deserve the win. Richard did a lot of huge moves throughout the game. He helped create and maintain an alliance that brought him all the way to the end. At the final immunity challenge he made another bold move and risk when he took his hand off and let the other two people decide what to do. He knew that either one would bring him to the end and that's one of many things to love about Richard. So many people have negative thoughts about Sue. But let's face it: she was betrayed by one of her closest friends and had a right to be upset about it. Also, Greg never intended to vote for Kelly and was trying to mock the serious nature of tribal council with his jury question. Overall, regardless of my strange rambling in this review, we are left with one of Survivor's greatest episodes that few others in the future could compete with.
  • Great ending to a great season.

    The episode starts with the final four realizing how close they are to they money and how much weight they have lost. Kelly won the immunity challenge and the vote was tied between Sue and Rich, but Kelly changed her vote, voting out Sue. At the next immunity challenge, Kelly won again ad had to chose between voting out Rich or Rudy. In the end, she voted out Rudy making Rich her opponent in the final 2. The final tribal council, Sue gave the "rats and snakes" speech to Kelly for being a liar. Sue was just being a sore loser and trying to get everybody to vote for Rich. When the votes came in Kelly recieved three votes and Rich had four making him the winner. This was a great season with a deserving winner with many memorable moments especially Sue's speech at the last tribal council
  • A speech that might be too awesome to believe.

    On the one hand, the final two speech that Sue Hawk gave was one of the great moments on TV history. On the other hand, reality TV isn't totally real. Before that speech, Sue hadn't come across as an intelligent person. But suddenly, all by herself, she writes, memorizes and flawlessly delivers a spectacular speech? She may have had some "help" crafting that speech from some Survivor staffer or three.

    No matter what really happened, this episode was fresh, shocking, and it will never be topped by any future Survivor episode.

    Although when Richard Hatch later got jailed in real life for tax evasion on his $1,000,000, that sort of added poetic justice to this episode.
  • Richard won...

    I thought the whole first season was horable after I bought it on DVD, But just the fact that after watching it and seeing the realization that Richard won, it disgusts me.

    I really felt bad for Kelly during Sue\\\'s speech. Kelly deserved to win. She won more challenges and playing stragedy and lied and backstabbed and did everything a true survivor needs to do to win. All Richard hatch did was catch fish, and run around naked. I think Greg should have voted for Kelly. I thought his \\\"Pick a number between 1 and 10\\\" thing was just ridiculous.

    All in all, Kelly should have won
  • The last great event

    The finale of the intial Survivor was barely half of the rating of the top ten shows of all time, but it was bigger than most anything else in the last few years. While the networks don't command the same monopoly, this show got people talking.

    The finale of season 1 set the tome for the rest to follow - the pace is a bit slower, with more character interaction and reflection.

    Jeff Probst admitted on the DVD commentary that one stray camera they used happend to catch Rudy's hand slipping off the immunity idol, which was the dramatic moment for most fans. They learned to be better prepared after that.

    The Sue Hawk speech is memorable - but people also should remember that in his final voting confessional, Gervase rebutted Sue strongly, airing the longest confessional shown in Survivory history.

    This would be the only time the players knew the winner on the spot as it happened. While the live voting they do at the reunion does work, it is fun to see the jury greet Richard and Kelly at the end.

    Fortunately, CBS stopped ordering contestants to say "last week" when mentioning someone voted off. It is a sticking point this season.
  • Rats & Snakes Speech!

    This speech of bitter Sue Hawk will go down in tv history as the best speech aka bitter speech ever.
    Sue was bitter as well as in Gervase's words, a "sore loser" indeed.
    About Kelly stabbing her in the back and that if she ever passes Kelly in life again.
    That she wouldn't give her a drink of water and that she would let the vultures come and take her.
    And she gave that $1 million dollar check to Richard that may have cost Kelly the game.
    Sore loser Sue indeed is just that.