Season 12 Episode 1

The First Exile

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on CBS
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The new season of Survivor starts off with a bang, with Jeff revealing that the first reward challenge would take place before the contestants got to talk to their teammates at all. Some players are dissapointed about the division of the four tribes, which are separated by gender and age. Wearing light green, the Viveros Tribe consists of the four younger men -- Aras Baskauskas, Austin Carty, Bobby "Bob Dawg" Mason and Nick Stanbury. Wearing light blue, the Bayoneta Tribe consists of the four younger women -- Danielle DiLorenzo, Misty Giles, Courtney Marit and Sally Schumann. Wearing orange, the La Mina Tribe consists of the four older men -- Dan Barry, Terry Deitz, Bruce Kanegai and Shane Powers. Wearing purple, the Casaya Tribe consists of the four older women -- Cirie Fields, Melinda Hyder, Ruth Marie Milliman and Tina Scheer. Able to put their feelings aside, the tribes attempt the challenge, which requires one person from each tribe to run into the jungle on Exile Island and find an amulet hidden in a skull. Bayoneta's runner is left empty-handed, forcing the group to choose which woman will be left behind on the island, and a reluctant Misty loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and is forced to stay behind until the Immunity Challenge. Later, the four tribes build their camps, but all run into problems, either between contestants or with nature. Misty copes well on Exile Island, all the while trying to find a hidden Immunity Idol. At the Immunity challenge, Misty regroups with the other younger women of Bayoneta and helps them pull off a win, with both men's tribes close behind, forcing Casaya to report to Tribal Council. Once there, Tina, the most eccentric of the bunch, is voted out unanimously.


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  • Brilliant!

    Wow, what a great start! Four tribes is brilliant and there is so much going on! I loved how it started, with one person on Exile already at such an early and important stage when others are socialising.

    What I didn't like was the completely lukc-based nature of that first challenge/ No way to get it other than luck tbh.

    Another pert peeve I have is the fact that Jeff uses 'Older Women' etc as tribe names instead of Bayoneta etc.

    I feel so sorry for Tina - being first out and her son being killed at just 16... that is tragic.

    And I'm baffled at how Cirie escaped, although also quite happy since she is a goddess on iMicronesia!moreless
  • Excellent way to start the season: four tribes of four, divided by age and gender.

    I loved the way this episode started. 4 tribes of 4? That'll be tough politics. First vote will need a 3-1 vote, so who's the odd person out, or else a 2-2 split, and then what? Some sort of fire-challenge? Excellent start.

    Episode started ON Exile Island, where the loser of the four tribes had to exile one of their own players until the next challenge.


    On Exile Island is a Hidden Immunity Idol. The power of this Idol was extreme in this season and the next season (Cook Islands) because the Idol needn't be played until AFTER the votes are cast AND read. In Guatemela it was before the votes were cast and it'd act as a 2nd Immunity Necklace; from Fiji onwards it was after the votes are cast but BEFORE they are read, thus the player with the Idol needs to risk it, and could get voted out with it, a MUCH better idea that they finally sorted out. In other words, the person who finds the Idol in Panama will be 100% safe. If they have the most votes, they simply lose their Idol, and the person with the next highest number of votes gets das boot [in future seasons the Idol is re-hidden if used]. One can already see the power of this bargaining chip and how it can be used to further one's position. A great twist this exile island is.

    My favorites:

    Shane, psychotic maniac proves endless entertainment. Speaks his mind. No BS. But still a gameplayer in his own way.

    Cirie, managed not to get eliminated in the first episode. Watch out for her. I bet she's good at holding her tongue and weasling her way deep in this game. Since she's obviously not the outdoors type the producers must have hired her for her wit.

    Dan & Terry, the fighter pilot and astronaut with a seemingly unbreakable bond. Will be interesting to see if either betrays the other or if they ride this friendship to the Final Two. My guess, if it's shown this early it ain't meant to be.

    Danielle, cutie from Boston who seems to be a competitor. She may last long if she allies with the right people. I'd like to see her and Sally go far together. I don't trust lying Misty, and neither should they.

    The interesting thing will be seeing how long they keep these tribes of 4 together and how soon they assimilate into 2 or 3 tribes. I could see the older women tribe pulling an Ulong (from Palau) and getting whiped out, but I'll bet the producers change it up before then. This is also the first time there's been just 16 contestants since Season 7: Pearl Islands. Doesn't seem as big or difficult to win for some reason when compared to 20.moreless
  • Survivor: Panama \\\"Exile Island\\\" or just Survivor: Exile Island premiered with over 18 million viewers. Read on for the first episode review of the QMS Review.....

    QMS Review-

    Survivor: Panama \\\"Exile Island\\\"

    Episode 1- \\\"The First Exile\\\"

    The show started off great. Another great Jeff Probst entrance, and it was so awesome starting the show on Exile Island. I must say, the opening credits were amazing, along with the music.The teams got off to interesting start being seperate tribes of 4. The Young Woman of Bayoneta lost the reward and fire, and were also forced to play Rock, Paper Scissors and sadly, Misty Giles was forced to live on the Exile Island for the night. While the tribes were getting to know each other, The Young Men of Vivero acting like young men do and hanging out. The Young woman of Bayoneta were looking for tons of different spots of shelter, minus Misty. We got to see Courtneys soft, yet crazy side, puting a heart in the sand around a dead turtle. The Older men of La Mina also talking. Terry and Daniel formed a small alliance. They were all impressed by Bruce\\\'s karate/samurai skills. Speaking of alliances, it had seem like Tina, the outsider was being targeted on Older Womens Casaya. Cirie, thinking she was a weak physical player talked to Ruth Marie, and Melinda saying Tina was an outside as she was setting up a memorial-like spot on the beach for her son who died, which caused her from appearing on Guatemala. At the interesting immunity challenge, La Mina and Bayoneta, this time including Misty, who came back acting as if she had the idol (who knows, maybe she did) passed the immunity challenge with flying colors. Even though Vivero was behind, they caught up with Casaya, and got the 3rd immunity. The woman of Casaya were sent to Tribal Council were Tina just didnt fit in, as the tribe voted her in a 3-1 vote with Cirie recieving the vote from Tina..

    Overall, it was a very good episode. Great season opener. It looks like next episode should be very interesting. I cant wait to see what happens. Even though I was dissapointed with Tina\\\'s early departue, the season will get better!

    Well, Ill see you for Episode 2- \\\"Breakdown\\\"

    QM, out!moreless
  • Not good but not bad at the same time!

    Not good but not bad at the same time

    I kind of got confused at first

    I thought that the ones who got voted out of tribal council would have to live on exile island

    Not the ones who lose the reward challenge

    Sure Tina was a bit of a loner as well as the hard worker in the bunch

    Felt bad she lost her only child in a car wreck

    But I wished that she would had made it

    I hope and pray that her tribe suffers over it

    Like she said, she was on a tribe with the wrong people.moreless
  • It’s the same, but different. Like having Déjà vu all over again.

    Another February, and other new cast of survivors. Tribes of four are new (even though it looks like it won’t last long. TV Guide and next week’s preview indicate they school yard pick new tribes). They’ve done boy vs. girl, so how about by old vs. young. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the old boys and old girls got right to work building their camps, while the young boys and young girls are probably still thinking about how to start.

    Survivor 101 - The rules

    Rule number one – Pushy leaders are voted out at the first tribal council. As sorry as you can feel for the loss of her son, you cannot come on too strong in the beginning or you’ll get voted out. Tina did herself no favors in calling out her tribemates (and Jeff, egging her on!) at Tribal Council. Cirie, what were you thinking!? Afraid of leaves? How could this woman have made it to the callbacks? Although, her statement that couch potatoes shouldn’t apply for the show was a hoot!

    Rule number two – It’s not Big Brother – stop smoking earlier than the day before the game begins. Unless he brought a knapsack full of smokes, Shane is a goner the first time old guys go to Tribal.

    Rule number three – don’t annoy your fellow tribemate by being too weird. Courtney and Aras are not long for this game.

    Rule number four - don't lie unless you are a good lier. Misty, in trying to fake everyone out that she found the idol, did such a poor job of bluffing that she should be sent back into exile.

    Girl, stick to your strenghts, both of them.

    My top five – Terry (I always go for the military guy), Ruth Marie (I think she has a good attitude) Sally (No real reason, just first impressions), Bobby (if he can last to the strength and stamina events) and Dan (is he the palest Survivor ever, or what!).

Aras Baskauskas

Aras Baskauskas

Himself - Season 12

Austin Carty

Austin Carty

Himself - Season 12

Bobby Mason

Bobby Mason

Himself - Season 12

Bruce Kanegai

Bruce Kanegai

Himself - Season 12

Cirie Fields

Cirie Fields

Herself - Season 12

Courtney Marit

Courtney Marit

Herself - Season 12

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Tina was originally chosen to participate in "Survivor: Guatemala". After the death of her son, she decided not to participate.

    • For the first time since season 7, only 16 contestants compete for the million dollars.

    • Survivor is heavily edited to tell a story. In the scene where Jeff welcomes the players into the game, it appears Courtney winked at Aras. Look carefully at both her hair and the fact that Danielle is at one shot on her right, then on her left. Courtney actually winked at the older women, but it was manipulated to appear to be aimed at Aras.

    • The idea of an exile island on "Survivor" is not new. The Dutch edition also featured an exile island (called Devil's Island). People voted off were exiled there and also had the chance to return to the game later on. Duels were played out every time a person arrived and the loser of the duel was eliminated. This idea was later used on the American version (season 22, "Survivor: Redemption Island").

    • This season marks the second time that the game has started with four tribes after "Survivor: All-Stars".

  • QUOTES (1)

  • NOTES (6)

    • Tina of the older women's tribe was the first to be voted off of Survivor: Panama.

    • Aras Baskauskas played pro basketball in Lithuania after college. He is the fifth "Survivor" contestant to have played sports professionally, joining Gary Hogeboom (football), Ted Rogers (football), Travis Sampson (wrestling), and Ethan Zohn (soccer).

    • Although all four tribes clearly have names, the names are not used and the players are referred to as being part of the Older Women, Older Men, Younger Women, or Younger Men tribe.

    • This season began filming on October 31, 2005.

    • This season marks the third time that "Survivor" has taken place in Panama.

    • This season was titled "Survivor: Panama" and given a subtitle of "Exile Island", making the complete title "Survivor: Panama - Exile Island".