Season 1 Episode 2

The Generation Gap

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 07, 2000 on CBS

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  • Life at Pagong gets off to a bad start as BB constantly complains about his tribe members' work ethic which leads to nasty arguments.

    As I said with the previous episode, this one is just as enjoyable today as it was when it first premiered. It's not that I enjoy seeing people not getting along and arguing, it's just that it does make for some good entertainment I have to admit. I liked seeing the late BB Anderson voicing his opinions. Despite the fact that it ultimately cost him his place in the game, his honesty and excellent work ethic made me respect him even more. I actually found myself feeling a little sad for him as he was cut loose at Tribal Council. Something that rarely happens with me as a long time fan of "Survivor". As far as the Tagis are concerned this episode gave us some more insight in to the people who make up the tribe. Rudy reveals his somewhat ***phobic side here saying that he respects Richard Hatch but not in "that " way. I also laughed when he said he did not know what his friends would think of him for respecting Richard. Tribal Council was surprisingly quiet and subtle. Something very rare in "Survivor". It was sad to see BB go because he was a very good player, but overall, I enjoyed this episode very much. I think you will too.
  • Building Steam

    A good title for this episode could have been the saga of B. B. He doesn't get along with a lot of his tribe and he pays the price for it. Once again, the episode is pretty slow moving. They don't even show the reward challenge for some odd reason. But one can watch this episode and learn a crash course into how NOT to handle themselves on Survivor. Basically people will probably agree that the right person gets voted off in this episode.
  • A good outcoem.

    Well both Rudy and BB continued to irritate me in this episode. Susan is probably my favourite at the moment, but like I said in the previous episode's review, there aren't too many great personalities here.

    The Immunity Challenge was pretty disgusting and one that I definitely could not od. But I'm honestly pretty surprised it went down to a tiebreaker, in all honesty. They all ate it.

    Very happy that BB is gone. That guy was over the top bossy and it just does not work in this kind of setting. He was also not valuing the contributions of those who were contributing, so good riddance!
  • B.B.'s attitude

    What could be more funny than the old navy guy best friend with the fat naked guy? Same old thing at Tagi , Stacy tried to make an alliance with Sue and Kelly to voted Rudy out. In Pagong , B.B. starts to get on everybody's nerves. Yeah I know , he's a hard worker , he built the shelter , but when he washed his clothes in the drinking water , I was laughing so hard. Gervase was so funny at the immunity challenge. It was a strong victory for Stacy ( Tagi ) in the tie-breaker against Gervase ( Pagong ). I guess the bugs have spoken for Pagong and they are going to the tribal council. B.B. got 6 votes and 2 for Ramona. Tribes are now even , 7 survivors each.
  • B.B.'s butting of the heads caught up with him as he was voted out of the tribe.

    The episode started with B.B. working and demanding orders to the lazier members with the tribe which made them annoyed with him. He later washed his shirt with the tribe's drinking water which raised tensions more. At Tagi, Stacy tries to get an alliance of women to target Rudy, but Sue is not interested and wants Stacy to get voted off next. At the immunity challenge, Stacy beat Gervase in a tie-breaker bug eating challenge. With the loss sending Pagong to tribal council, B.B. got 6 out of 8 votes and becomes the person to be voted out of Borneo.
  • in this episode BB becomes even more bossy. there was no reward again but the immunity was interesting. they had to eat bugs. tagi won immunity. at tribal council BB was voted off.

    i thought that BB deserved to be voted out of survivor because he was starting to get on everybody's nerves and also on my nerves. everyone should work but he is just way too bossy. if i was able to change that episode in any way i would make sure that BB was not that bossy. i thought that when BB said he had no regrets that he should not have said that. this was not one of my favorite survivor episodes. the idea of the two oldest people being voted out first doesn't sound very good to me but knowing how Sonja and BB's way of playing the game was not a very good way to play the game.
  • Battle of the sexes

    It is a cross between battle of the sexes and
    As well as battle of young and old as Rich
    Is out of the closet in the second episode and despite
    Being homophobic, Rudy becomes friends with Rich despite their differences with each other.
    But cranky BB butts heads with the much more younger members of the Pagong group
    And also because he washed his shirt in the water where they were going to cook the rice
    He got the boot shortly after.