Season 2 Episode 5

The Gloves Come Off

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2001 on CBS
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Jerri wakes up to find smoke covering camp from the fire, but has other things on her mind - just recently she has realized that Colby has an alliance with Tina & Keith. Jerri talks with Amber and tells her the importance in getting Colby back on their side. At Kucha camp, Kimmi becomes more and more depressed because no one respects that she's a vegetarian. She and Alicia get into a fight over the chickens and begin shouting. Later, Kucha wins the reward challenge, getting soaps and shampoos, and the other tribe members bathe a reluctant Kimmi in the dirty river water. At the Immunity Challenge, Ogakor breaks their losing streak, sending Kucha to Tribal Council, where Kimmi receives six votes and is voted out of the game. The tribe has spoken.moreless

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  • Continues to entertain!

    This was yet another relatively interesting Survivor peisode! I enjoyed the drama at Ogakor in terms of Jerri and Amber versus Colby in the middle and Keith and Tina on the other side. I wonder how that will play out? I wonder if they will have to go to Tribal again before the merge, because itf they do, whoever Colby sides with will leave one outsider on Ogakor who may flip to vote with Kucah.

    At Kucha, there was more drama with Kimmi and her vegetarian-ness. I agree that she needs to calm down and stop making such a big deal - she can just walk away when needed - but I also didn't like Alicia's explosion. That was a shame, because I was really liking Alicia up till this point.

    The Reward Challenge was a good one! Poor Ogakor was really in a bad place at that poitn. It seemed to me that they might continue their downward spiral.

    However, thigns turned around at Immunity, and it was a complete blowover for Ogakor. Kucha's winning streak collapsed, and Kimmi went.

    It was a shame to see Kimmi go, because I liked her at the very beginning, but you can't come on Survivor, live off the bare minimum in the middle of the Australian Outback and start preaching vegetarian values and expect to do well in the game. It just was not a smart move.

    Looking forward to seeing how things continue! I wonderr how the bushfire is goinfg!moreless
  • This was a great episode as Kimmi and Alicia get into a fight and is later voted off.

    The episode began by Jerri and Amber surprised that Colby voted against them last tribal council and they tried to sway him back on their side. At Kucha, Alicia and Kimmi got in a big fight about the chickens which was the best part of the episode. Kucha then won the next reward challenge sending Ogakor to their lowest low. With the soap that they won, Kimmi got cleaned, but was angry after they told her how dirty she was. Ogakor then won the immunity challenge sending Kucha to tribal council where Kimmi was voted off for not fitting in. Overall, this was a great episode of Survivor because of the fight.moreless

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