Season 17 Episode 11

The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • Such an amazing episode! Bob earns a lot more respect from me after today, although his move didn't go as planned!

    Very interesting episode! I loved the family visist! The visit was more interesting than usual, with Sugar and her sister scattering some of her father's ashes in the Garden of Eden. That was a very special touch! Also, Matty proposign to Jamie, his girlfriend, was just great! In fact, that whole portion of the episode was fun ot watch!

    Then Bob wins Immunity and so Corinne is the obvious target, but Bob comes up with a brilliant story about how Marcus never threw the idol ointo the ocean! I couldn't believe it! It was awesoem! But then we find out that it is not true, but the plan to play the fake idol was brilliant! If it had worked, it would truly have been one of the greatest moves in Survivor history!

    Matty gathered three votes, but Crystal did not flip and Corinne still went home. Sad to see Corrinne go home, because she was really fun to watch and had a great personatlity! I loved it at the end how she's liek, I hope these people have terrible lives! She was a great villainness, and I'm sad to see her gone!

    Having said that, I really like everyoen who is left, so I can't wait to see what will happen next!