Season 10 Episode 7

The Great White Shark Hunter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2005 on CBS

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  • Pretty Interesting

    The game is narrowing down to the wire for Ulong. They have been struggling for quite a while now and continue to fail. Something that I wonder about the immunity challenge is if Ulong could have won if they had done Koror's puzzle instead of their own. The tribe colors made sense, but with the sliding puzzle out at sea, the blue, Ulong puzzle just blended into the season, making it harder for them to accomplish solving the puzzle. No wonder they made no progress with it. Meanwhile, on Koror, there is some foreshadowing going on as Ian gets a meal for his tribe that is immediately overtaken by Tom's shark. Ultimately, we get more of why Koror is working so well as a tribe this season. The best result happens for Ulong as they finally get rid of the thorn in their side. It might have been too late for them in the end, but at least we have a good last two members standing for that tribe.
  • Itnese again!

    Oh I just love this season so far. So much one-sieded stuff and it is quite epic to watch. Sadly I love the duo still standing at Ulong - is there any way for them to stay in this game? I sure hope that is the case...

    The Reward Challenge takes us back to Borneo. Not my favourite challenge but it was interesting with the different strategies.

    Immunity was a GREAT challenge! Absolutely loved it! Really tricky and time-consuming! I wish Ulong could have pulled something off to give themselves a chance...

    8-2 - the odds are stacked against Steph and Bobby Jon. Hope they can pull this off somehow...
  • Finally!

    The Ulong tribe have had one BIG infectious abscess since day one...and that has been Ibrehem. He has under-performed in challenges, can't dive, and has been totally useless all the time. It's amazing that it took all this time to get rid of him. Ulong would have done sooo much better if he'd gone like 5 eps ago.

  • The Ulong Final Three is as exciting as a true Final Three & Tom Westman pulls a Richard Hatch!

    What I love about this season is how there's really two separate games being played. One by each tribe.
    "Survivor - Ulong" is episodes 1-8.
    "Survivor - Koror" is episodes 9-14.

    It's like we have two Final Fours, two Final Threes, and two Final Twos, with two Sole Survivors. They'd go on to play on the same tribe later in Heroes vs. Villains where *spoiler* unfortunately their tight alliance and strong gameplay would mark them in that season. The Ulong Final Three and ultimatley Final Two would've been worthy of a true Final Three or Two. Think about it. Each were very good players in their own ways. Because it felt like the end of the season where anything could happen and no one knows who will ultimatley vote for who, I ranked this episode so high.

    I thought this episode had excellent pacing. First, we see Ian clamming. Then, Tom catches a frigging shark. I still think Richard Hatch's catch was funnier and downright cooler, but Tom's was pretty fricking amazing, and the shark was huge. Tom also poignantly pointed out that he can no longer hide the person he is, and this will clearly later make him a huge threat. I think it was at this moment that the audience really realized they're looking at a potential winner, and that he has enemies gunning for him he needs to appease.

    In juxtaposition, Ulong finally caught a tiny little fish, which they were exhilirated about. You can really see the difference in the tribes' spirits, especially after Koror (without the help of Ian or Tom) won the Reward Challenge. It was, yet again, a very close challenge.

    The confidence of Koror is evident from the moment they walk onto the mat for the Immunity Challenge. Very surprisingly, neither Tom nor Ian participate in this challenge, which requires some physical endurance and some swimming skills. Having not participated in the Reward, and being strong men and excellent swimmers, I imagined Ian and Tom would've been in the water, keeping Coby as the caller. I honestly thought they were trying to throw the challenge when I saw Janu go out there. Amazingly, despite her struggles, Koror won yet again! Bobby Jon just didn't have a clue. Interestingly, Bobby Jon received 0 votes this time, and somehow was in the position of power to choose between Steph and Ibrehem. Ultimately, he chose wrong, as *spoiler* Steph would go on to beat him to claim the title of Sole Ulong Survivor next episode.

    The amazing thing about Koror in this episode, and absolutely atrocious thing about Ulong, is that Koror sat out arguably their two strongest competitors in back-to-back challenges, and STILL won!
  • Good episode! But I wonder who will be the last one standing in Ulong?

    It was a good episode, but It makes me nervous knowing If Bobby Jon will be the last Ulong member or Stephanie.

    The whole episode was good but it was definantly a character development! Watching the part where Jeff was going to signal out who's tribe had the best signal word saying SOS on the ground was cool! Koror, once again won it! So they were given extra supplies. I remember on Survivor: Vanuatu (the previous season), both tribes would win, but the final five castaways were all girls except for one!: Chris, who had won that season! Thank god for that; the boys were lazy or something.
    Now back to this season, I liked the part where Bobby Jon brought back a clam for Ulong from the ocean, poor thing! No prizes. The immunity challenge was close, but Colby won it for Koror! MAN! I knew it would be Ibreham leaving the show tonight. It's a shame he has to be the next one to go! Why not Bobby Jon instead? The tribal council was sad when Jeff revealed to Ibreham that he was the 8th person to leave Palau.

    Hmm... Next weeks episode is going to be exciting to see who the last Ulong member will be, that's if they loose immunity; which they probably will.