Season 11 Episode 8

The Hidden Immunity Idol

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on CBS

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  • Another Twist of sorts. There is a bonus immunity idol.

    Survivor: Hide and Seek has now begun. There is an immunity idol hidden somewhere in the jungle. The individual immunity challenges have now begun and the resultant conflicts have ensued. The merge didn't go smoothly. Jamie began posturing that the new folks were not going to get to sleep under the shelter. He again shot his mouth off during the immunity challenge. The choice was given to everyone to either eat or compete. Jamie decided to eat and began to challenge the competing Bobby Jon. This didn't go over well with either Judd. In the end, Jamie's antics were not enough to get him thrown out. Brandon suffered at the hands of the tribe because of his quality effort. This proves good works never go unpunished.
  • Hidden in the woods around the camp, they hid a Immunity Idol doll, that whoever finds it, can use it as many tribal counsils up to final 4.

    This is got to be one of Survivor's best twists in the history of the show. This season has had me on the edge of my side more times than any other season.
    In this episode, it proved it's self once again. First, after learning they merged, Nakum went to the another tribes camp to let them in on the merge. Being Jamie, didn't make it welcoming, telling them there was no room in the shelter for them, and to sleep outside.
    Then they were told that there was a hidden immunity idol doll hidden in the woods around them, they went nuts! All day long, they searched for a chance to make it guaranteed to the final 4. No one did find it in this episode, at least we don't know of.
    When it came to tribal counsil, Gary had won individual immunity, and it came down to Jamie and Brandon. By the end Brandon got the boot, 6-4.
    God, Jamie is really cocky. I was hoping that he would of gotten the boot. He needs to leave.
  • That Jamie.....

    That Jamie, he better watch himself, or he's going to be the next one voted out. He's a little trouble maker that one. But I don't think they're going to vote him off right away. They're going to wait. But you can tell that Jud is getting annoyed with him...

    Gary...just wait until everyone finds out that you really are an ex-football player. you're lying to everyone right now...just wait til your secret is revealed. it's going to be a living hell.
  • Above average but sad to see Brandon go!

    It was an above average episode. And Jamie and Judd seem as though they are nothing but a bunch of whiners. I hated that Brandon had to go. And that he was a really nice young man. Even though he made the merge, he won't be in the jury.
    I especially love the hat that he wore to the show. Brought out class!
  • A tribe divided, hidden immunity, Brandon gone

    This episode is one of the best I've seen this season. The hidden immunity idol is great, and just seeing Brandon's sudden jump from safe to having his head on the chopping block. A fine example of how nobody is safe on Survivor. Though I don't quite agree with Bobby Jon saying Jamie's actions are "no class", I'd say immature.
  • Bye, bye Brandon. At least you don't have to see Jamie till the reunion.

    It's that time again. Time for a group to become overconfident about their role in the game and get cocky. You'd think that Steph would have put Jamie in his place, having gone through it herself.

    If Gary, Bobby John or Danni are going to have any chance, they need to convince Lydia and Rafe that they stand a better chance with them then being in sixth or fifth place with the others. Here's hoping for a very convincing argument from the outsiders.

    I can't remember such animosity between two tribes after a merge before, unless it was Shi Ann when the tribes began living with each other, but not officially merging.

    All in all, it has been a good ride.
  • What an interesting series of events!

    As usual on Survivor, the merge brings some excitement with it, and thre were definitely some interesting scenes today.

    It is clearly Nakum 6 versus Yaxha 4, but Yaxha appeared to have found a crack in Nakum's defences when Jamie starts acting completely classless.

    With Jamie's edit in the episode, I was almost certain he would be leaving, as the porducers and editers were clearly trying to make the viewers hate him!

    The Immunity Challenge slash Feats was quite interesting! Nakum took advantage and ate - well most of them did, ateleast.

    I'm not a big fan of DBrandon, but I do like Danni, so I think it is sad that Yaxha is dwindling away. The next episode should hopefully be interesting!

    I'm hoping fo r things to get really interesting and for new alliances to form. There are too many people here that I don't like, and I am hoping to see some of them go.
  • What a frustrating episode!

    I got so emotional over this episode because I was SO upset to see Brandon go.
    Brandon was one of my favorites, right up there with Bobby Jon, Danni, and Gary. He was such a tough competitor and he was honest, not something you see much on Survivor.
    Judd, Jamie, of how they treated their new tribemates. To greet them with "there's no room in the shelter so I hope you don't mind sleeping outside" was so rude. I couldn't stand how they all just sat around and let Bobby Jon, Brandon, Danni, and Gary do all the work.
    I used to like Lydia, Rafe, and Cindy but not after last night. It was annoying how they sat around and said they thought Jamie had to go and how they had to do what was moral. Then, of course, at tribal council they all wussed out and voted out a decent guy. The fact that the three of them made it further than Brandon is just plain irritating.
    Jamie just showed the world what a jerk he is. I couldn't believe he was talking to Bobby Jon about how Brandon was next to go and Brandon was sitting right there. He acted like Brandon didn't exist. And I won't even discuss the challenge because we all know he was a complete a**. Somebody in his alliance should have called him out.
    Steph sits around like she is queen of the tribe and she calls all the shots. They need to DETHRONE her.
    This season is definately entertaining but I will be pretty ticked if Jamie or Steph win.