Season 2 Episode 4

The Killing Fields

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2001 on CBS
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Keith & Tina begin the day trying to go fishing until Jerri takes the boat instead. This frustrates Keith because he wanted to strategize with Tina. Both Tina & Keith begin to feel in trouble because of Jerri's comments last night that she felt close with Amber, Mitchell & Colby. At Reward, Kucha pulls off the victory. A forest fire is creeping closer to Ogakor camp as the survivors get worried. Tina admits to both Colby & Mitchell that she feels Jerri is bossy. Kimmi gets mad when everyone expresses they want some meat. Jerri joins Colby in his pig hunting to try and win his allegiance. Mike finally catches a pig and everyone enjoys a great lunch. At Immunity, Kucha pulls off another victory. At Tribal Council, we have our first tie between Mitchell & Keith. Because Mitchell has more votes from previous tribal councils, he is voted out.moreless

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  • Very good episode!

    By far the season's best episode so far and I really enjoyeed it! I agree that Kimmi edefnitely is getting a little annoying with her vegetarian talk. Why come to the middle of the Australian Outback if you're not going to eat meat? She's happy to starve it seems.

    Other than that, the episode was great. The challenges were both mental challenges for a nice change, but I felt the Immunity Challenge was a little rushed. I wish we heard all the questions.

    Tribal was great! I couldn't believe the tie! Colby flipped and it seems the minority of Tina and Keith now hold all the power, with Jerri and Amber potentially on the chopping block next.

    Great episode! Lots of drama! Can't wait for more!moreless
  • Mike catches a pig and with Colby's help, Tina and Keith overthrow Jerri's alliance.

    At the beginning of the episode, Keith and Tina were feeling uncomfortable with their positions after Jerri said who her friends were and planned to vote her out, but needed Colby to vote with them. Kucha won the reward which were chickens which made Kimmi wanting to take care of them which annoyed Jeff and Alicia. Mike then caught a pig for them making their tribe for the next challenge but also made Kimmi angry because she is a vegetarian. Kucha won their third straight immunity challenge. Before tribal council, Keith and Tina asked Colby to vote with them because of their dislike for Jerri and Colby did vote with them, but at the last second they changed their vote to Mitchell making it tied between Keith and Mitchell and because he already had one vote against him, Mitchell became the forth person voted out of the game. This was a great episode with strategizing and also Mike killing the pig.moreless
  • Kimmi needs to cool it!

    I think Kimmi the Veggie needs to cool it down a bit

    As she is annoyed that her tribe is eating meat

    Too bad that they didn't take tofu with her

    But it would be the beginning of her demise with her

    tribe. I wonder if the team next episode threw that challenge in order to get rid of her! Makes you wonder!

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