Season 1 Episode 1

The Marooning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 31, 2000 on CBS

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  • Sixteen players from different walks of life are marooned in the South China Sea for a new type of competition with the winner taking the $1 milion prize.

    Seeing the episode which started not just the greatest reality show ever, but also the reality show craze in general certainly brings back a lot of memories. The game has certainly changed over the years. I forgot that the players were actually given a number of supplies and even canned goods at the start of the game. It's easy to see in retrospect why "Survivor" caught on with the public in such a phenomenal way back in 2000. This episode is still as good as it was when it first premiered. The episode did a very good job establishing who the players were and how life would be at their respective camps. I also forgot the fact that Richard Hatch correctly predicted he would win in this episode. Another positive highlight is Jeff Probst. From this episode it is very easy to see he was the right choice to host this series. Well deserving of the multiple Emmys he has won. As far as who was going to be voted out it was pretty obvious. Sonja herself felt she would be voted out and stated the reason why. Still it was fun to see this great episode again. Well worth your time even after more than a decade.
  • Slow Start

    I think that the premiere was pretty good. It might not have been as good as one would have wanted, though. In mind mind, the show got off to a slow start. Now I had missed the first season when it first aired and only saw it on DVD a good while later. I knew pretty much what would happen, but I hadn't yet seen the episode. A lot of contestants are shown in this episode although others are ignored at the moment. The show seems very different back then. I like the lack of Jeff's commentaries. Meanwhile, the show is just starting to build steam, although it isn't quite up to full speed just yet.
  • Where it all began!

    I can't believe I actually just watched the very first episode of Survivor, and wow it is so different to the show today - in some ways it is better, in some ways it is not. I didn't really think much of the castaways to begin with - there don't seem to be any interesting players and personalities on this season.

    Some of the old people - like Rudy and BB - started annoying me right off the bat with their bossy attitudes and it was pretty annoying to watch in all honesty.

    The first ever challenge on Survivor was a good one, although not the same without Jeff's commentary which we are used to in the current seasons. Pagogn pulled off a great win, and I think the outcome of the first ever Tribal Council was pretty obvious, even though I would've been much happier had they given Rudy the boot.

    Overall, not a bad first ever episode of Survivor.
  • let's begin Survivor!

    What can I say about the first episode of survivor. It was really GREAT. I was sitting there on my couch and randomly I started to watch that show. Superb! Two tribes , Tagi and Pagong. There were conflicts in both tribes , generation aspects. Tagi's tribe , Stacy and Rudy and Pagong's tribe , B.B. and Joel. Two hard workers , Rudy and B.B. are not afraid to say what they think. Immunity challenge was close at the beginning but when Sonja fell, it was over for tagi's tribe. One of the good victory of Pagong. The tribe has spoken for Sonja , 4 votes against 3 for Rudy and 1 for Stacy.
  • This was a great episode to start to Survivor.

    In this episode 16 average Americans were marooned off of Borneo to survive the elements and win one million dollars. As the two tribes adapted to live in Borneo, Tagi struggled with living with each other. For example, the young women had personality conflicts with Rudy and others were annoyed with Stacey because she was too lazy. There were conflicts with Pagong as B.B. felt that many of the younger tribe members were not working hard enough. At the challenge, it was close, but Pagong won after Sonja of Tagi fell. At tribal council, Stacy recieved 1 vote, Rudy received 3, but Sonja got 4 and was voted out of the tribe
  • Sonja did not do well and got dragged to the finish line in immunity. in the end Sonja was the first person voted off.

    Richard annoyed me from the start of the game. my opinion on Susan is not much different. i think the vote was very obvious. Sonja was too weak for the Tagi tribe. Sonja is a nice person though. i think that her luxury item was pretty interesting. i did not like the immunity challenge. Stacey really annoyed me too. i think Rudy was just a very hard worker and wanted other people to work too. this group is pretty interesting and i loved this season. the idea of being in Borneo on a deserted island is also pretty cool. i would have voted Richard off first.
  • The start of reality tv begins!

    This show is a very pivotal one IMO.
    Because it began the phrase as well as coined the term "reality tv."
    That has become the norm that is today.
    Without this show, we wouldn't just have Survivor.
    But we wouldn't have "Big Brother, The Amazing Race, the Bachelor."
    Among other shows.
    This is also the Grandaddy of reality tv shows.
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