Season 18 Episode 13

The Martyr Approach

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on CBS
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After voting out Debbie in the previous Tribal Council, everyone assures Coach that they voted her out because she was the one who voted for him. The next morning, Coach, Stephen, and J.T. decide among themselves that either J.T. or Coach will go to Exile Island after the next reward challenge. As the winner of the reward challenge, J.T. is faced with the decisions of who to send to Exile Island and who to take with him on the reward. Per their prior agreement, he sends Coach to Exile Island, who sparks a confrontation with Erinn over how he'll spend his time at Exile, with no food or water. J.T. then decides to take Stephen with him on the reward, a trip to the governor's retreat complete with a shower, a bed, and a feast. At the immunity challenge, the survivors are put to a mind over matter endurance test, which J.T. wins as Coach puts on a show over the pain in his back, although he refuses to have medical look at it. That night at Tribal Council, Coach, although feeling secure with his "warrior alliance," is voted out by Stephen, Taj, and Erinn.moreless

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  • Brilliant episode!

    Another really good instalment of Tocantins, even though it saw the departure of one of my favourites. Coach Wade... he is unique, that's for sure. He is a drama queen, he is a great guy, he is a lot of things! But this season would surely not be as good without him.

    The challenge was great for Reward. I love that they made the life-size SURVIVOR in the Survivor font! Looked great!

    Immunity was interesting! Coach needed to win, but his older body just couldn't withstand the pain after a valiant effort. He buckled, and it was game over.

    Great that JT couldn't write his name down. But I kinda wish Coach was spared. He's a great character!

    Very much looking forward to the finale! Taj is my remaining favourite, but I'd be happy with a win for anyone but Stephen.moreless
  • The 5 remaining survivors go through a maze for reward and Coach is sent to Exile Island, where he plays the martyr. In the immunity challenge when Coach does not win he goes into an act about his back.moreless

    To me this is not one of the best seasons, as there are too many people who I feel should not get into the finale. I feel some people have just been under the radar far too long.

    In the reward challenge Coach was content to follow JP around the maze and then beat him in the last part. If you are a Dragon Slayer you do not follow, you lead.

    When he got sent to Exile Island he got outed by Erinn and while I was thinking the same thing, she said it out loud. I think Coach is just a walking manure pile. It may work to impress young kids, but on adults it does not work.

    JP won immunity and Coach was voted out. I got tired of listening to him week to week, next week will be a pleasure to watch. Who will win, I have no idea.moreless

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    • Taj: (in an interview segment) When Coach returned from Exile with his cane and he's limping and I'm thinkin' "this guy is such a drama queen." He's so dramatic. Any 37-year-old man who thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution. They need to come get him. When we have Tribal Council, he'll be free and they can take him home.

    • Jeff: Coach, how do you feel about going to Exile?
      Coach: I'm good. I'm gonna take the monastic approach. I'm not gonna build a fire, not gonna eat. Just gonna meditate.
      Erinn: He's gonna take the martyr approach. So when he comes back, he can not have eaten, not have slept, not have had any water, to-- minimizing the experiences of some, I feel like, and having an excuse when he doesn't win immunity when he gets back.
      Coach: Hmm, that's pretty harsh.
      Erinn: Kind of how I feel. Sorry.

    • Coach: I think that the game is still being played with the truth. I think the game is still being played with honesty and, uh, I think that this is the first time in this game that I'm almost speechless... almost.

    • Erinn: (holding up her Coach vote for the camera) Dragon slayed.

    • Jeff: All right, it is time to get to the vote.
      Coach: One more thing.
      Jeff: Yes?
      Coach: I wrote a poem for everybody to hear. "With friend and foe, we march to the plain / Some to seek success, others to seek fame / We play with honor, for the love of this game / And with armor or without, we will toil in vain / So that someday, someone somewhere will remember our name."
      Jeff: Can't think of a better way to lead us into the vote.

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