Season 2 Episode 7

The Merge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2001 on CBS

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  • What a tunaround!

    This was such a big turnaround! Ogakor was done and sdusted a few days ago, and now they are in control of the game very much!

    The Immunity Challenge was impressive! Those players stayed up for such a long period of time! I was really impressed!

    I was also a little surprised Kucha shared their chicken withthe Ogakor men. It was a ncie gesture.

    I have to also note that Tribal Counccil is just absolutely beautiful this season! Not sure if I've said that before, but it is incredible!
  • The tribes merge as Ogakor keeps their lucky streak by voting off Jeff.

    The episode starts off with the women of Kucha and the men of Ogakor going to the other camp to meet the members of the other tribe. The tribes then merge onto a new campsite and must build their own camp and call themselves a new name which they decide to name their tribe Barramundi . At the immunity challenge the contestants must stand on a perch until there is nobody left to win immunity. One by one the contestants gave up until Keith and Tina were left and Tina let Keith win because he had past votes against him. At tribal council council the vote was tied between Jeff and Colby, but Jeff was voted out because of his past votes against him. The episode was great but could have been better if someone from Ogakor got voted off.
  • Nick doesn't do a thing at all!

    Nick for such an Army LT and a Harvard student
    Yes you can blame the editing but he is lazy
    And isn't doing much and also the Kutcha team will be
    Going down due to Michael no longer being there due to his injury with the fire
    Jeff's one vote definately sent them down and thanks to Kimmie's mouth, Jeff got canned!
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