Season 1 Episode 7

The Merger

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2000 on CBS

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  • Tagi and Pagong merge to form Rattana. Rudy has trouble fitting in with the newly formed tribe.

    One of the better episodes of the season. In retrospect, I think this is the episode which made me route for Rudy to win it all. His honesty about not fitting in with the new tribe just made me respect him for his honesty more here than in previous episodes. This episode is also a very interesting one on the sense that none of the former Pagong members thought about banding together as the former Tagi members did to protect their own. They obviously knew this would be an issue. Tagi prepared for it and as a result they excelled and Pagong faltered, well all of the Pagong members except Kelly. In the end, this is a very compelling and entertaining episode that is worth seeing.
  • Interesting

    I'll admit that the beginning of the episode is a bit generic. The merge is never quite this simple or drawn out again. Nobody on Pagong thinks about eliminating the members of Tagi at first. This would cost the whole tribe dearly. I did like how the merge was done and do wish that some of that was featured in modern day Survivor.
  • It's amazing how nobody cares about alliances!

    I know this is the first season and all, but it still astounds me that nobody other than the foursome on Tagi have collaborated to form an alliance. This is definitely not something that goes on in the current seasons. We also had seven different names pop up at the Tribal Council, which i s also unheard of in the current seasons.

    It's really interesting, because if one or two more votes go the way of that alliance, then they could very easily find themselves in the Final Four together.

    I enjoyed the episode because of the ambassadors visiting camps and then going and having the most awesome day on the sand spit. That was entertaining, and if I was one of the other castaways, I would have been very jealous.

    Overall, I do hope some of these other players get their acts together and can come up with some better strategic plays. And on one last note, I really enjoyed the Immunity Challenge! :)
  • In this episode, Gretchen becomes the first victim of the Tagi alliance and was shocked to be voted out of the tribe.

    The episode started with Sean and Jenna as serving as ambassadors for their tribes and decide to live at Tagi's beach and call their new tribe Rattana. Later Rich, Kelly, Rudy, and Sue plot against the old Pagong tribe and choose Gretchen as their next target. At the immunity challenge Greg won individual immunity in a close race with Sean. At the tribal council Colleen, Gervase, Jenna, Sue, Rich, and Rudy all receive one vote, but Gretchen was shocked to the first person to be voted out of Rattana by receiving only 4 votes by the Tagi alliance. This was a great episode that shows that the old Pagong needs to form their own alliance.
  • Gretchen becomes the victim!

    Sadly hate it that Gretchen had to go like this
    But they did have a strong Tagi alliance as Pagong
    Did know what was going on because that is the first
    Time and will be used from now on during Surivor as
    Sean usues his ABC strategy to make sure that the Tagi
    Will be safe and the rest of Pagong will be gone!