Season 2 Episode 15

The Most Deserving

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2001 on CBS
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It's the last three days in the Outback, and only Keith, Tina and Colby remain. They are set a challenge to carve totem poles to "give back to the land," causing Colby to enter a reflective mood. On the penultimate day, they toss their totem poles in to a waterfall as an act of respect and then take part in their final Immunity Challenge, a question-and-answer round about their departed tribemates. Colby wins Immunity, and casts the single vote that gets rid of Keith, and places him and Tina in the final two. After they dismantle camp and look down on the Outback from the highest peak they can find, the final two Survivors head to their final Tribal Council, where after their speeches and quizzing from seven former members of Barramundi, the Jury cast their votes. We then cut to a live show from Los Angeles, where host Jeff Probst reveals the results of the Jury vote live. In a 4-3 vote, Tina Wesson, the 40-year-old Nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, walks away with $1 million and the title of Ultimate Survivor.moreless

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  • Very interesting conclusion!

    Well I do'nt know if it was one of the stupidest moves ever, but it surely has to be up there. Colby would've surely had a guaranteed victory against Keith, but he decided to be the nice guy that he clearly its, and he took Tina instead. The majority of the episode was just a reflection on things past, which was kinda nice, but I think this episode would've been fine as a shorter regular-length episode anyway.

    The Immunity Challenge was neat! I liked it a lot! But Colby made a big mistake, that's for sure.

    Overall, it hasn't been a bad season. The elemenst and Mother Nature probably mde this season better than it is, because it added so much drama and intensity. The cast was interesting, though.moreless
  • Colby threw away one million dollars so Keith would not get second.

    The episode started with the remaining survivors looking back on their experience in Australia. Then, they had to take the torches of the twelve voted out plus Michael's torch to the river and throw them into it. At the immunity challenge, Colby won and had to vote out Keith or Tina and he chose to vote out Keith who was easily beatable and not the well liked Tina. At the final tribal council, Tina and Keith then were asked questions by the jury who some where bitter and others not. In the end Amber, Rodger, and Nick voted for Colby and Alicia, Elisabeth, Keith, and Jerri voted for Tina making her the winner of Survivor.moreless
  • Colby "Dumb" Donaldson indeed!

    Colby was indeed dumb to take Tina rather than Keith

    To the final two as he would had won against Keith

    Because Tina was pretty likable while Keith wasn't at all

    After winning nine rewards & immunity challenges, he lost $900,000 as Tina was the victor after nearly flying under the radar but also she was a pretty good leader in who to get rid of. I will give her that though!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Keith holds a unique Survivor record of most days playing the game (41) by a contestant who only appeared in one season, since Tina and Colby competed in another season (All-Stars).

    • In the second season finale, Tina becomes the ultimate victor, trumping Colby, (runner-up), Keith, (3rd Place), and Elisabeth, (4th Place).

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  • NOTES (7)

    • In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Host Jeff Probst rated this season as his second favorite from the first nine seasons. In fact, he said, "I could almost put Australia as a tie for No. 1," in large part because of the fantastic cast – with Elisabeth, Colby, and Jerri – and the multiple controversies in the season: Michael falling in the fire, Colby's choice to save Tina and take her to the finals, and Kel's beef jerky-smuggling. "That show delivered every damn week," he said.

    • As of the tenth season, this is the only season finale where it begins with only a "final three" (Keith, Colby, Tina). All other season finales begin with a "final four" and two people voted out in the three hour finale episode.

    • This is the only season (to date) where the survivors had to endure more than 39 days, running 42 days total.

    • This is the first time that the "Survivor" jury votes are revealed live, every "Survivor" finale will be like this from this point on.

    • The winner was revealed live in Los Angeles.

    • This episode was filmed on December 3, 2000.

    • In this two hour episode, Keith was voted off. The final two were Colby and Tina, and Tina won with a 4-3 vote in front of a live audience.