Season 18 Episode 2

The Poison Apple Needs to Go

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Great little blindiside!!!

    I was happy with the outcome of this episode, because I didn't really like Candace at all, and she was starting to get on my nerves, whereas everything Sierra has done so far makes her deserving to stay in the game, because it would be undfair if she was voted off because of her sore throat!

    Meanwhile, the challenge was interesting! I'm not a big fan of these physical schallenges, but with the basketball aspect to it made it interesting ! The great comeback by Timbira was great!

    Brendan and Taj at Exile was interesting! I loved the whole thing with the two urns, and I think it will be great to see if there really are two idols!

    All up, a great episode! Taj has become my afavourite after this one! Can't wait for the next episode, as the preview was interesting!
  • This is where Coach starts to become annoying and arrogant.

    Back at the Jalapao camp, Sandy is relieved that she did not get voted out that night, but she still realizes that she will be the next to go if they lose again. Over at the Timbira tribe, Coach and Candace had their arguments over how to cook the food. Coach acted arrogant during the conversation and he thinks that he is all special and above everybody else. At Jalapao, Taj tells that she is married to Eddie George which made J.T. think she should not win because she does not need the money as much as the others. At the immunity challenge, Jalapao made a come from behind victory and sent Timbira to tribal council. Coach had originally planned to vote out Sierra, but he along with the rest of the tribe (except for Erinn) voted out Candace due to lack of trust. I think that this episode was interesting, but wasn't as good as the first episode.
  • Review

    Another solid episode. Not really breaking out on its own yet (the season) but I like the pace at which it is progressing. I don't see a big stand out fan favorite, which could be a good thing when it gets down to the end. I have always bought into the big fan favorite thing though, but its not something that the show has to have in order to survive. Likely why the show has been on for 18 seasons. Another one challenge episode, which is why I don't think this season has really stepped into the 9.5 range just yet. The new twist at Exile Island is pretty much amazing, I love it a lot. People are free to jump around from tribe to tribe. It adds so many layers that you can't really see at first grasp. Do you tell people that the option is there? Is it something that will remain a secret between only those that open the letter? Very good. Overall, another nine episode from me to start the season and I hope to see a couple of more building episodes like this and then have them break out like they have done the past couple of seasons.
  • Coach is the cancer and villian, of this season!

    If Sandy and her team, went to tribal council. Then she would had been gone. But now, looks like Taj is going to be targetted. As she is married to an NFL player and that she should, had kept her mouth shut. Coach is this season's villian, and really he is the real cancer. Of his tribe! And that his tribe is waiting for him to dig, his own grave. Very tough immunity and reward challenge, combined. It came on a, last second goal. As Sandy's team won. Two people went to tribal council. The HI are now, in their camps. Candace should had learned, a long time ago. To listen to Carolina and not talk. But that cost her and she was voted out. Fourteen remain now. Great show!
  • Let the twists and plotting begin...!

    This episode sees things start to unfold for thie season of Survivor. For starters, the two people sent to Exile find a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol but also the person getting the clue has the option of switching tribes when they return. Although it didn't happen in this episode, this development certainly points to interesting things in future installments for this year.

    As for the plotting, Candace and Coach were shown doing it though in different ways. Candace wanted Coach gone for no other reason that she saw a threat to her standing in the game down the road. When he got wind of this, Coach changed his plan and got rid of the threat to his plans under the guise of making a better tribe. Considering how well and thoroughly Candace was fooled, it was obvious Coach kept his plotting much more covert than Candace.

    All in all, an excellent episode!