Season 8 Episode 16

The Sole Surviving All-Star

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 09, 2004 on CBS
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The final four are Rupert, Jenna L., Amber and Rob M. It seems that Jenna L. and Rupert face an unbreakable alliance. When Amber emerges victorious from the first Immuntiy Challenge, Miss Lewis takes out Rupert, leaving her alone against the power couple. After taking a look at the past players, the endurance immunity challenge begins, and Jenna L. slips up, leaving Rob M. and Amber in the awkward position of trying to psych each other out. The "Robfather" wins immunity one last time, and despite doubts, gives Jenna L. her ticket to the jury. The final two are faced with a jury of seven scorned players, leading to a very emotional final vote. Lex and Kathy accuse Rob of destroying their friendships, Alicia calls them unclassy and Big Tom attacks Rob M. for being a traitor. Before the votes can be counted, Probst announces that the All-Stars will have to fly back to the United States, waiting months for the final ruling.moreless

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  • I was actually hoping for Rob to win, because yes, he did a lot of backstabbing, but at least he did it.

    Its been a while since I have seen this one but it was really very interesting. I was actually hoping for Rob to win, because yes, he did a lot of backstabbing, but at least he did it. Do you get what I mean? He did all that work to get there, and Amber backstabbed people too, she just rode on Robs tail the whole time. So they were both backstabbers, but Rob did more work at it, so therefore, he should have won. Lex with his blue purple whatever color mohawk, should not have gotten so upset. I mean, come on pple its a game. He should watch I love money if he thinks Rob Mariano is a backstabber. Rob and Amber, perfect couple. Does anyone know if they are still together??moreless
  • Jury lets "Romber" have it!

    I think it is the jury that let Romber have it.

    Knowing that they deceived and lied the jury.

    And it is a game of lies and deceptions.

    But also it proves if you go to far, you will pay for it in the end.

    The votes for Amber, four of them, were actually against Rob M.

    In a way, I am glad that Rob didn't win.

    Though also I am not an Amber fan, I am glad again that he didn't win!

    Because he is a jerk and a poor human being at that.

Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Lex Van der Berghe

Lex Van der Berghe

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Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

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Alicia Calaway

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    • Jenna L. was afraid of the "purple rock" tie-breaker at the final four, and helped Rob and Amber vote out Rupert to avoid a 2-2 tie. However, the tie-breaker would have been the "fire building" challenge that was used at the final four in Palau and Exile Island, not drawing rocks.

    • In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Jeff Probst rated this season as his fourth favorite out of the first nine seasons. "It was great to watch – and miserable for me to experience," he started off. He felt that the personal relationships made the game really ugly. He named several events that occurred in All-Stars that made the season good, but he said, "I would hope we never do All-Stars again, because Survivor is a game about strangers living together. Once they have had that experience and have spent time together socially, it's a completely different game. It's stunt casting."

    • Rob M., Colby, Tina, Ethan, and Rich are the only "Survivor" contestants to appear in two installments and never sit on the jury.

    • Alicia, Shii Ann, Rupert, Jenna, Amber and Rob M. all lasted longer on All-Stars than their previous finish on their respective seasons.

    • Rob Mariano set a "Survivor" series record by being a part of 15 Challenge victories, either individually or as a tribe member. The previous record was 12, set by Colby Donaldson in the Outback and later tied by Kathy Vavrick O'Brien in Marquesas.

    • Jenna L. was the 112th person to be voted off in Survivor history, since Mike Skupin was removed from the game after being burnt, and Osten, Jenna M., and Sue left the game.

    • Amber was revealed as the winner of Survivor: All-Stars live in New York City. Rob M. remains to be the only all-star who has never been on the jury.

    • Rupert was voted out of the final four and Rob M. voted Jenna L. out, leaving him and Amber in the final two.

    • Amber's victory means that there have now been more women Survivor winners than men. There have been 3 male winners (Richard, Ethan, Brian) and 5 female winners (Tina, Vecepia, Jenna, Sandra, Amber).

    • Amber won the first Immunity Challenge and Rob M. won the second immunity.