Season 4 Episode 14

The Sole Survivor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

The final four are tired and ready for the game to end. "I've had about enough of these people," says Vee.

The group gets treemail informing them of a challenge that tests their knowledge of the other castaways. Vee, who has notes about everyone in her journal, declines to share her info with the others. She knows she's next to go if she doesn't win.

The challenge takes place at tribal council, and Vecepia edges out Neleh for immmunity. Before the vote, an endangered Kathy makes a deal with Vecepia to form an alliance. Kathy and Vee agree to vote for Neleh. Paschal and a tearful Neleh both vote for Kathy, resulting in a tie.

Jeff explains the new tiebreaker system: everyone who's not immune--even Paschal, who got no votes--will pick rocks. A yellow rock means safety; purple means ejection. Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal pick rocks from the bag and open their palms. The fateful purple rock is resting in the hands of...Paschal. The judge falls off the bench in shock. Despite receiving zero votes, Paschal is gone from the game.

On Day 38, the final three are awakened at 3 AM. The women build a canoe and row to another beach, and decorate themselves with face and body paint. Neleh gets annoyed by Kathy and Vee assuming they'll go to the final two together. "They're throwing it in my face," Neleh says.

The women pass the torches of other castaways: Peter, Patricia, Hunter, Sarah, Gabriel, Gina, Rob, John, Zoe, Tammy, Robert, Sean, and Paschal. Kathy reflects on the three remaining women being "a meek 21-year-old, a very, very deep-thinking religious individual, and then a businessperson like myself."

The final endurance challenge requires the women to stand on logs while keeping their hand on a giant tiki. After four hours, Neleh warns Kathy that her shirt is falling off; as Kathy goes to fix it, she falls off the logs. Immediately, Vee offers Neleh a deal: if Neleh agrees to vote out Kathy, Vee will let Neleh win immunity. Neleh jumps on the deal.

At tribal council, the final three learn that Paschal passed out and is receiving medical care. Then, it's time to get down to business. Kathy comments that she is disappointed at Vee for abandoning their previous deal to form a new one with Neleh. Vee claims that her deal with Kathy never extended to the final three. Kathy disagrees. Still, Neleh holds up her end of the bargain and boots Kathy.

On Day 39, Vecepia and Neleh pray. Vee hopes God will forgive her for her treatment of Kathy. The two head to tribal council to face the jury.

In her opening remarks, Neleh says that she has had an amazing time and that she loves everyone she has played the game with. Vee explains that she was friendly with everyone and proved herself around camp, but that she also had a strategy.

The jury asks its questions. Tammy rips both finalists for their "holier-than-thou attitudes" and calls them "the biggest liars on the island." She says that neither of them deserve to win.

By contrast, Sean praises Neleh and Vee and asks what they've learned. They both say they've learned to follow their heart.

Paschal, who has recovered from his illness, also has kind words to offer, praising the finalists' honesty.

Robert asks Vee and Neleh what decisions they regret. Vee responds, "What I did yesterday to Kathy." Neleh regrets voting out Robert and Zoe before Sean and Vee.

Next, Zoe simply congratulates the final two for having "good hearts."

Kathy asks Neleh what her best strategic moment was, and Neleh says it was teaming up to vote out John. Kathy asks Vee to clarify her strategy. Vee says she tried to adapt to different alliances along the way. Kathy is unsatisfied with her answer.

Lastly, John asks each woman straight-up why he should vote for her after they voted him out. Neleh says she intended to stick with John's alliance until it was clear she wouldn't make the final four. Vee says John should respect her strategy.

Neleh and Vee make closing comments, and then the jury votes. John votes for Vee because her answers were more honest. Zoe scrawls, "Neleh is the survivor." Sean votes for Vee and Paschal for Neleh.

Live in New York City, Jeff reveals the votes. As usual, it's a tight, 4-3 vote. But in the end, the winner of Survivor: Marquesas is...Vecepia Towery.