Season 16 Episode 2

The Sounds of Jungle Love

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ep 2: Ozzy, Amanda, Parvati and James all find "love," and Joel maneuvers a blindside.

    For all of Mikey B's confusing scheming to get Chet voted out and avoid the hidden immunity idol in the event it's played, it turns out that Joel's secret scheming was just a little stronger.

    Moving back a few steps: we get a pretty even split between the Fans and Favorites this week, and the big news on the Favorites side is that Ozzy and Amanda are very close to one another. Parvati and James are too, but Ozzy and Amanda are caught making out by Jonathan and Cirie, and together, they agree that they should do something to split them up.

    That brings me to my next comment: for someone who played a pretty smart game last season, Amanda comes across as incredibly dump right here. She says that she doesn't want people to see her and Ozzy as a duo, and yet, that same night, she starts kissing him in front of the entire camp. The hook-ups this season are already annoying me, mostly because these characters are very interesting without needing to be a duo. It takes away from who each of them are by them hooking up.

    After the Favorites win Immunity, we see Mikey organizing Chet's demise in the game. Chet did terrible, sure, but Mikey is just flat-out annoying. Enter Joel, who immediately orchestrates a pretty brilliant blind-side: vote out Mary, Mikey's confidant, and neuter him right from the get-go. Most of the seasons of late have had two individuals making an alliance early on and riding it to the end. No such luck this time: Joel quickly gets everyone to vote out Mary so that Mikey will no longer have control in the game. If Joel can do this and avoid becoming the center of attention, it's a genius move.

    Another solid episode to start the Micronesia season. Also, I really did miss watching Ozzy crush everyone at challenges. Watching him beat out his wanna-be competitor was pretty great.
  • Great episode! Big improvement and a great blindside!

    This was a very interesting episode, and in many ways!

    Obviously at Malakal, Cirie is now smack bang in the middle of two four-person alliances. Whichever alliance she picks could play a huge role throughout the rest of the game, so I wonder who she will choose to work with!

    As for Airai, th e older people quickly found themselves on the outskirts.

    The challenge was great, and Malakal did really well, winning for the first time! I also really enjoyed the scenes at Exile Island with Kathy and Cirie chsing down an idol to no avail. There were some hilarious moments there!

    The Tribal Council was great! What a huge blindside instigated by Joel! I liked Mary, but I like blindsides too, so this was definitely a really exciting tribal counil to witness! Really great play!

    I wonder who will win Immunity next? Both tribes seem fairly evenly balanced, but I think Malakal is the stronger. I wonder if they can continue their roll!
  • Pretty good episode.

    The second episode has...romance developing. James and Parvati, along with Ozzy and Amanda begin to develop, feelings for each other. There is also a twist in this season where when one tribe loses a reward challenge and has to go to Exile Island, one member from the other tribe also has to go, making it harder to get the immunity idol for just themselves. This was a really good episode, despite the...kissing and hugging in bed stuff. But it's reality TV, so it's sort of ok. The challenge was also pretty interesting to watch, as the tribes got really flabbergasted with each other. Awesome.
  • good episode...

    If no one takes out Joel soon, he's going to win. He reminds me of Yul back a few seasons. He has the stratagist mind and he's using it. He took out Mary, which didn't even expect it. Meanwhile, the favorites are having some love flings which may put my favorite players on the chopping blocks. Ozzy and James are my favorites...and I also like Yau Man. The favorites won immunity, and the fans blaimed their loss on Chet. The fans are actually very good at competetions. It'll be interesting how they stack up next time. Overall, another good episode and it looks like it's going to be a good season.
  • Review

    I really like some of the new dynamics to the show, but there is one thing I dont like with the new season. Let's start with the bad I suppose. No reward challenge? I expetced that for the first episode, but after not having one in this one Im actually kind of mad at the moment. Having two challeneges really makes the show worth watching and while the camp drama this year is still more solid then most years, its not good enough to the point where I dont want to see another challenege. I love the fact that they are going to be sending two people to exiled island every time and they are going to be in a race to try and find the one hidden immunity idol. I dont know why the other two were working together. Im hoping there are 11 or so clues, this way someone will have to go about 2-3 times before they're able to grab the idol. I would have kept looking into the night, I wouldnt care. Though Im sure the production crew said they aren't allowed. I liekd the immunity challenege, the favorites finnaly got their stuff together. The challenge was a re used one, but I really dont mind that as much. We hadnt seen it since Pearly Islands and I forgot about that until after the epsiode anyway. Overall, really good epsiode just hope to see some reward challeneges in there in the next few episodes.
  • Really great episode!

    A really great episode as we see a love romance blossoming between two people from the Favorites side. And that both teams are glad that Jonny "Rotten" Fairplay is gone. On the fans side, it is younger vs older. I want to like that fireman as I have two firemen in my family but I can't since he seems to be a really big jerk. And acts like he is better than thou! If they haven't had Ozzie on the Favorites, the Fans would have won. But they blindsided Mary and voted her out as the fireman saw her as a threat. Hope that fireman goes next but doubt it.
  • The episode started out a little sour, then became so very sweet.

    I was on my feet and cheering at the TC voting of the episode. Because one of my most favorite things of Survivor took place. But first: In the Fans camp, a division of older/younger tribe members seemed to be forming. Oh no, not again. Which really isn't the best way to go about things for age isn't a guarantee you will all get along. Anyhow, it was looking like the older group was the minority from the start.

    It didn't help that Chet, of the older member group, did poorly in the reward/immunity challenge. So he became the obvious target for the majority group after the Fans lost said challenge. While Kathy was gone to Exile Island (along with Favorites member Cirie; no idol found yet, though), Joel caught on rather quickly that Mikey B. thought he would have things going his way, along with his growing closeness with Mary, and he, Joel, didn't care too much for Mikey B. calling the shots. He proposed to bust up the little clique of M&M, and vote out Mary, thus sparing Mikey B. for use in future challenges. I was so hoping that's how it would play out and the show wasn't just being edited to look like such, and really Chet would be the one to go. But oh thank you Lord! it wasn't him but actually was Mary who was voted out, much to her surprise and I'm guessing Mikey B.'s. Ahh.. how sweet it is when smug alliances get derailed. Hee.
  • Pretty good episode with a nice little twist at the end

    Survivor is back..hells yeah! first off i'd just like to say...damn you Ozzy damn you to heck! Amanda was supposed to be mine...:(. That aside, this episode was pretty good. My favorite episodes are always the ones that you know 1/2 way into the show that your favorite player(s)(Yau-Man and Jonathon) aren't going to be voted out. It's a good sign that they aren't giving Yau-Man a whole lot of camera time, that usually means he'll make it relativly far. Remember Denise last season, i don't believe she said a word until the 5th episode and she made it to 4th place. On the fan's side of things. I'm really liking Mikey B. He seems like a genuinly nice guy...most of the time. He seems like he knows what he's doing and how to get there. But ol' arms bigger than my head Joel is a bit smarter, deciding to switch things up. The reaction on Mikey's face is priceless.

    Another thing...does anyone actually know/care what the real names are for the tribes. It's so much easier to remember them as Fans and Favorites then try to remember/ sound out the names the show gives them.

    For next week it seems as though Cirie makes use of being Ms. Swing vote and taking charge. And some good old fashion rough housing. Hopefully we'll get to see Joel vs James. That would rock

    My predictions for next week
    Reward Winner: Favs
    Immunity Winner: Favs
    Exile Island: Kathy and Yau-Man
    Voted Out: Chet