Season 18 Episode 4

The Strongest Man Alive

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • More awesomeness on Exile!!!

    Exile Island is truly epix this season, with Taj, Brendan, Sierra and Stephen establishing a great scross-tribal alliance! It's just really great!

    Menawhile, the Reward Challenge was interesting. Taj wins it, and Jalapao gets to steal stuff from Timbira! That was intriguing! I wonder what Timbira would've stolen if the roles were reversed! Probably the tarp, my guess!

    Immunity was great! The puzzle was epic! It was one of my favourite puzzles I have seen! Quite tricky and very entertaining! Finally Jalapao's streak comes to an end!

    Meanwhile, I thought the whole Tyson charade was rather random. The guy's lost the plot... and he seems to find deep levels of satisfaction from seeing other people be sad. I don't know what to amake of him at the moment!

    All up, a great episode! Very sad to see Sandy go hoem, and she was great to watch! Bu t all of the women there are great, and it was obviously going to be a woman that they voted for, as usual, so it is still sad to see her go!
  • Another god episode however the end was predictable.

    The episode started with Coach complaining over the fact that his tribe does not think that he is the best leader and that they would prefer Brendan over him in a leadership position. Jalapao won the reward in which members of each tribe had to carry weights on their backs and J.T. carried 220 pounds before dropping out. Taj and Sierra went to exile where Taj informs her on the exile alliance that will take effect after the merge has happened. Timbira won the reward tying up the numbers again. At tribal council, Jalapao voted out Sandy for being annoying to them and for being weak in the challenges. Overall this was a good episode except that Coach is getting too big of an ego and feels that he is the best leader in his tribe
  • Exile Island - Yay

    I love Exile Island with a passion this season. The tree mail idols both should have been found by next episode, so I think the smart thing to do would be for them now not to get caught. They each have an idol and they have no reason to continue to try and send the same people to Exile Island. I think someone will catch on if they continue to try and send the same four people for the next 2-3 episodes. Not only that, but the hard part for this is that you need to always stay off the block every single week because if 2 members of the 4 get in trouble on their tribe then that could eliminate an idol before the merge if they are put into a situation where they have to use it. The other big thing is you need all 4 people to make it to the merge and then you STILL won't have the numbers so you will need to fake some relationships until it gets down to about seven or so. I love the plan on paper, but I think things are going to not execute the "final four" way that seems to be talking about now. Once agian I didn't hear any mention of the tribe switch, which could be something cool to see but I don't think it's going to happen in this season. Doesn't make sense for what they have going on right now. I'll be interested to see if these 4 don't try to recruit 2 more people into the group to make it a big group of 6. Maybe if someone is on the out's they can bring them into the group easily.

    The vote surprised me a little bit - I thought it was going to be Sydney. But she was annoying but good for her to make it 12 days into the game.
  • The annoying lady is gone!

    Well, the tribe with Sandy and Sydney won four challenges, in a row. But it is, the other team with that annoying duo. Of both Coach and Tyson that won, the immunity challenge. And they needed to win, or they would be at a loss, of more people. Now both tribes are, even with six. Taj back on Exile Island, told Sierra what the plan was. Sierra knows, that she needs to take a risk. She is at the bottom of her tribe's food chain. But at what cost. That annoying lady, Sandy is gone. And she just talked and talked. And that is what will happen to Coach. He needs to, learn from Sandy! Not just talk the talk. But needs to walk, the walk!
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