Season 5 Episode 13

The Tides Are Turning

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2002 on CBS

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  • Big Ted :(

    My favourite gets voted off which is always sad. In the end Ted's alliances meant nothing as he was voted out by everyone. Next is the finale which will tell us who the sole survivor is and it looks increasingly more likely that it'll be Brian. He is good at the immunity challenges and the only one that the jury likes apart from Jan who will probably be targeted next as a strategic move.

    The reward challenge was awesome. A feast, shower and massage as well as a new car. The actual challenge was a series of activities which gave the survivors letters which they had to unscramble into words. The immunity challenge was easier which involved finding pieces for the steps until a survivor reached the top. Ted walks away with not the money but a new car and will probably remain my favourite castaway from survivor Thailand.
  • Ted wins rewrd but gets voted off

    Ted wins the reward challenge and gets a new SUV
    Takes Helen along with him as his guest and they
    Both eat some Thai food and drink wine enough for Ted
    As he gets drunk. For two people that don't drink. They
    Get a massage. Brian would win immunity and seeing Ted as
    A threat, votes him off.